Medicare in Texas

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  • Medicare can be complex and confusing, so learn a bit about Medicare in Texas before you enroll.

Medicare is a national government program that helps people who are eligible cover medical expenses. Learn about Medicare enrollment and eligibility in Texas.

What Texas Medicare Plans Are Available?

Medicare Parts A, B, C and D are available in Texas. Original Medicare refers to Parts A and B. Part A generally covers inpatient costs, such as hospitalization or hospice care, and Part B typically pays for outpatient cost, routine and preventive services and medical transportation. There were 2,507,002 Original Medicare beneficiaries in 2020.

Part C Medicare plans expand on Parts A and B and are also referred to as Medicare Advantage plans. They include everything Original Medicare does but allow seniors to add to their coverage. In 2020, 1,744,523 people were Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries.

Medicare Part D involves prescription drug cost. It helps pay for both regular prescription refills and unexpected medication costs. 

Medigap is health insurance you buy as a supplement for Medicare coverage if you need more coverage than you get from medicare.

Who Is Eligible for Texas Medicare?

Three months before your 65th birthday your initial enrollment period (IEP) for Medicare begins. During this seven month period, you can sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B, but many people eligible for Medicare are automatically enrolled and won’t need to sign up. If you started getting your Social Security retirement benefits more than four months before you turned 65, you are already enrolled in Medicare Part and Part B.

If you weren’t automatically enrolled and missed the initial enrollment period, you’ll need to sign up during one of the other enrollment periods. The general enrollment period takes place between the first day of January and last day of March every year. During this period, you can sign up for Medicare Part B. Special enrollment periods let you enroll at any time if you qualify. Certain life changes, such as moving, adopting or losing health insurance, qualify you for special enrollment. There is also an open enrollment period from October 15 to December 7 exclusively for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D.

How Do I Enroll in Medicare in Texas?

You can enroll in Medicare over the phone, online or in person at your local Social Security Office. You’ll want to have basic information like your Social Security number, the name and Social Security number of any spouses and former spouses and your citizenship status on hand. Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or enroll on their website.

Contact Information for Texas Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance Help

If you have more questions here are some resources for help with Medicare, Medicaid and insurance in Texas:

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