What Is My Rx BIN Number?

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  • Your Rx BIN number is a 6-digit code that identifies the insurance company who provides your Medicare drug plan. Learn more about what your Rx BIN and other numbers mean on your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan card.

Your Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage drug plan card contains several numbers. And one of those is your Rx BIN number.

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What Is an Rx BIN Number On An Insurance Card and What Does It Stand For?

Rx BIN number, consisting of 6 digits, is employed by health plans to facilitate the processing of electronic pharmacy claims. New members can utilize Rx BIN and PCN numbers, even before obtaining a new ID card, to collect new prescriptions or refills. The Rx BIN stands for Bank Identification Number, and it helps your pharmacy understand which insurance plan you're using and and which plan to process.

The term originated in the banking industry, but the BIN number on your Medicare card has nothing to do with banking. 

Instead, the BIN number on your Medicare card simply identifies your insurance provider. Each insurance provider uses a unique six-digit BIN number for each of its prescription drug plans that are all included in a national database.

Important Numbers on Your Plan ID Card:

There are four different groups of numbers found on a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan ID card:

  1. Medicare ID number: This is your ID number for Medicare, and is found on your Medicare card.
  2. Rx BIN Number: RX Bank Identification number that helps pharmacies understand which insurance plan and carrier you're using for them to process.
  3. RxPCN: The Processor Control Number that further breaks down your specific insurance for the pharmacy to use.
  4. Group ID (RxGRP): Tells the pharmacy your insurance Group ID number.

When you use your Medicare Part D or MA-PD card at a pharmacy, the pharmacy worker will use your BIN number to identify your insurance provider for the purpose of filing your claim. 

Where Is Your Rx BIN Number Located?

The Rx BIN number may be located on the front or back of plan ID cards for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans.

The RX BIN number is most often located in the lower left corner of the card along with your Medicare ID number, processor control number (PCN) and group ID number. The BIN number will be preceded by the letters “BIN.” 

It should be noted that your Rx BIN number will not appear on your Original Medicare card. Only your Medicare ID number will be visible on the card that is used to identify you as a member of Medicare Part A and/or Part B. 

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What If I Can’t Find My Rx BIN Number?

If you can’t find the BIN number on your plan ID card, check your insurance company’s website for a list of plans they offer. The list of available plans typically includes a BIN number. 

If you can’t find your BIN number online, contact your Medicare plan using the phone number on your plan ID card. You may also show your card to your pharmacist, and they should be able to tell you the BIN number. 

You can learn more detailed information about Rx BIN numbers in this technical document from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Are Group ID, Rx BIN and PCN the Same?

No. The Rx BIN number is just one of four numbers typically displayed on a Medicare Part D or MA-PD plan ID card. Other numbers you should see on your private Medicare plan card include:

  • RxGRPGroup ID number
    GRP is short for "Group Number". The group ID number is your employer or group identification number (sometimes it is displayed on a card as “GRP” or Rx GRP)

    Not all Medicare Part D and MA-PD plans belong to a group, so your plan ID card may or may not display a group number.

  • Medicare ID number
    This is a number that personally identifies you as a Medicare member.

    Medicare once use a beneficiary’s Social Security number on Medicare cards but did away with that practice over security concerns. The Medicare ID number is now used instead.

  • PCN 
    Rx PCN means processor control number and is used an another identifier pharmacies use. This number is specific to each patient and plan. It helps determine which processor will receive and handle your claims, helps providers determine if a prescription or service is covered by the plan and determines how the claim will be paid.  

Example Rx BIN Numbers

Navigating the world of prescription medications and insurance can be complex, especially when it comes to Rx BIN numbers. If you're in North Carolina, this chart showcases a few example Rx BIN numbers tied to Managed Care Organizations in the state.

So, let's take a closer look at these essential codes and the corresponding PBM processors for each Managed Care Organization in NC.

Managed Care Organization Corresponding PBM processor BIN Number
BCBSNC - Healthy Blue IngenioRx (back end CVS Caremark) 020107
Carolina Complete Health Envolve (back end CVS Caremark) 004336
United Health Care Optum Rx 610494
WellCare Health Plans CVS Caremark 004336

What Is My Prescription Number?

Your prescription number corresponds to the type of drug that has been prescribed along with the amount and frequency for which it should be taken. The prescription number serves as a reference for your pharmacist when performing a refill. 

You can find your prescription number on the label of your bottle, labeled “Rx#.” 

Where Is the Lot Number on a Prescription Bottle?

You can find the lot number on your pill bottle label near the expiration date, dosing instructions or barcode. This number identifies where the drug came from in case there is a safety recall.

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