What are the Wellcare Preferred Pharmacies for 2023?

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  • Find out about the Wellcare preferred pharmacy list for 2023, and see how it may help you save money on prescription drugs with a participating Wellcare plan.

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If you have prescription drug coverage from Wellcare, the Wellcare preferred pharmacy list for 2023 can be a valuable resource. Preferred pharmacies often offer benefits in terms of price and convenience, so it's easier to manage, receive and pay for your medications. 

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Does Wellcare Have a Preferred Pharmacy List?

The Wellcare preferred pharmacy list for 2023 is relatively short — it includes the CVS Caremark mail-service pharmacy. When you fill a prescription through this service, you may be able to gain access to preferred cost-sharing prices. 

How Is the Wellcare Pharmacy Different From an In-Network Pharmacy?

When you use a standard in-network pharmacy with a Wellcare plan, you get access to standard cost-sharing. That means prices are lower than you'd pay without insurance. Because the CVS Caremark mail-in pharmacy is Wellcare's preferred partner, they often offer prices that are even lower.

Wellcare's standard in-network pharmacies offer benefits that meet or exceed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rules.

Your copay may vary based on the area. Make sure to compare the costs for all potential locations — copays may change when your chosen in-network pharmacy also provides a mail-service option. Wellcare's network contains more than 60,000 pharmacies, including:

  • Retail outlets
  • Mail-service pharmacies
  • Major chain pharmacies
  • Independent pharmacies
  • Indian Health Service/Tribal/Urban Indian Health Program pharmacies
  • Pharmacies in long-term care facilities

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Who Are The Preferred Pharmacies For Wellcare?

Wellcare has an extensive list of preferred pharmacies, but it will depend on your specific plan. Some of the preferred pharmacies for Wellcare include:

  • CVS
  • Amazon
  • Publix Pharmacy
  • Walgreens
  • Sams Club Pharmacy
  • Harris Teeter Pharmacy
  • And More!

Wellcare has over 60,000 locations on their list of preferred pharmacies to work with!

Benefits of Using the Wellcare Pharmacy

As a Wellcare member, you're free to use an in-network or preferred pharmacy; however, the latter may help you save money. When you go through the CVS Caremark mail service, you'll typically get lower prices.

The preferred pharmacy may also be more convenient, particularly if you don't want to travel to a physical location and wait in line. Shipping is always free, and in most cases, the medications arrive in 7 to 10 working days.

How Does the CVS Caremark Mail-In Pharmacy Work?

If you want to take advantage of the lower prices with Wellcare's preferred pharmacy, you can call the service at 1-866-808-7471 or register using the order form from Wellcare. Expect to provide your Wellcare ID number and details about your medications, prescriptions and primary care provider. You'll also need to add a payment method. CVS Caremark also enables you to pay for next-day or second-day shipping.

CVS Caremark usually sends 90-day supplies. For Tier 5 specialty drugs, deliveries are limited to 30-day supplies. Before it's time for a refill, you'll get a phone call to confirm the next shipment. If you have an online CVS Caremark account, you can also log in to manage refills. Depending on the medication and prescription, a CVS representative may need to call your doctor to approve the refill.

Keep in mind that specific drug coverage is based on your location and Wellcare plan; your state's formulary (list of covered drugs) can provide more details. Not all medications qualify for automatic refills.

What Do You Need to Use CVS Caremark?

For most covered medications, all you need to get started is a Wellcare plan and a 90-day prescription. If you're not sure how to proceed or if you have a prescription for a shorter duration, a CVS Caremark representative may be able to contact your primary care provider.

You can also ask your doctor to send the prescription directly to CVS Caremark. For specific details about coverage, talk to your Wellcare benefits administrator.

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