Kaiser Medicare Vision Coverage

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  • Many Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plans may include vision coverage. Learn about Kaiser Medicare plans, the vision benefits they may include and how and when you may be able to apply for a plan.

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plans are popular not only for the company’s strong reputation but also because of the extra benefits included in many Kaiser Medicare plans, which can often include vision coverage.

Kaiser Permanente has a unique operating structure and sells Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans in eight states and Washington D.C. Members of these plans can receive care at one of hundreds of Kaiser Permanente medical facilities, and the company maintains a reputation for high quality plans and quality care.

Among the extra benefits that Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plan members may be able to receive is vision benefits. 

What Vision Benefits Can Kaiser Medicare Advantage Plans Cover?

Kaiser Medicare Advantage vision coverage can include routine eye exams to determine a need for vision correction and to provide a prescription for eyeglass lenses. These preventive services are often available at no charge to plan members. 

Outpatient visits to diagnose and treat various eye diseases and conditions may require a copayment, depending on the plan. This includes screenings for glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. 

Kaiser Medicare Advantage plans include Original Medicare’s limited vision benefits as well. That means cataract surgery is covered, along with a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses following the procedure. 

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Many Kaiser Medicare Plans Offer Optional Supplemental Benefits

In addition to the above vision benefits, many Kaiser Medicare Advantage plan members may also have the option to purchase a supplemental benefits package that features enhanced vision coverage. 

For a small additional premium, members can add the supplemental benefits package to receive a $500 allowance to spend on eyewear every two years, though the exact amount of the allowance and the availability of this benefit can vary from plan to plan.

The supplemental benefits package may also include dental coverage and a hearing aid allowance. 

Additional Kaiser Medicare Benefits

In addition to some routine vision care, Kaiser Medicare Advantage plans include coverage for everything found in Medicare Part A and Part B and may also include coverage for benefits such as:

  • Prescription medications
  • Preventive and routine hearing care
  • Select over-the-counter health items purchased at a pharmacy or grocery store 

Enrolling in Kaiser Medicare Vision Coverage

You must first be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in order to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, and must continue to pay your Original Medicare premiums in addition to any premiums required by your Medicare Advantage plan. Some Medicare Advantage plans feature $0 monthly premiums.

You may only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that is sold in your area. Kaiser plans are primarily available in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, or Washington D.C. 

Your first opportunity to enroll in a Kaiser Medicare Advantage plan will be during your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period (IEP), which begins three months before your 65th birthday, includes the month of your birthday and continues for three additional months thereafter. 

Another opportunity is during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP, also called the fall Medicare Open Enrollment Period) which takes place from Oct. 15 to Dec, 7 each year. 

Beneficiaries who experience qualifying life events may have an opportunity to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). 

One great way to shop for and apply for a Medicare advantage plan is through a licensed insurance agent. An agent can help you review the Kaiser Medicare Advantage plans available in your area as well as the plans offered by other carriers so you can compare your options and choose accordingly.

Most Medicare Advantage plans include vision coverage, and there may be several different insurance companies selling plans in your area. 

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