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  • Discover how the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit can help you manage your health and get the most value from your participating Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan.
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If you have a Medicare Advantage plan through Wellcare, you'll probably see the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit on your benefits statement. This once-yearly exam is covered by many of the company's plans. When you're prepared for the visit, it's easier to take advantage of the benefits for your wallet and your health. Click below to find a Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan near you that includes coverage of the Annual Wellness Visit.

What Is the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit?

The Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit is a medical appointment that happens once every year. The goal of the visit is to discuss any new or ongoing health issues with your medical practitioner. 

This visit is an important part of preventative healthcare. It gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your doctor, review and adjust your personal wellness plan and spot potential problems. 

What Happens During the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit?

This depends on how long you've had a Wellcare plan. During your initial visit, you'll work with the doctor to create a wellness plan. This plan is essentially a roadmap to keep your health on track.

For subsequent visits, your primary care provider will review the plan, assess your health and decide what changes (if any) are necessary.

The exact structure of the appointment depends on your unique needs. In many appointments, you can expect the doctor to:

  • Measure your vital signs
  • Record your weight and other key body measurements
  • Discuss any pressing health needs and risks you might have
  • Assess and record your current medications
  • Screen you for physical functionality
  • Identify any potential safety issues, such as impaired mobility
  • Conduct a mental health history and screening
  • Discuss personal and family health history

Once your provider has completed the screening and assessment process, they'll help identify any further treatment you may need. This might include scheduling lab work or referring you to specialists or preventive care providers. Specific tests and referrals will depend on your age, gender and personal health needs.

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How To Prepare for the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit

To get the most from your Annual Wellness Visit, it's helpful to arrive prepared. If your doctor sends you a Health Risk Assessment form in advance, make sure to fill it out completely. It's also helpful to write down everything you're taking, including prescription drugs, supplements, holistic medications, over-the-counter medications and vitamins. Make a note of the dosage and frequency of each item.

This visit is an opportunity to ask questions or bring up any concerns. Don't worry if they seem trivial — more information enables your primary care provider to make accurate recommendations and referrals. If medical appointments cause stress or anxiety, consider writing down notes in advance.

How Much Does the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit Cost?

For most Wellcare plans, the Annual Wellness Visit is a fully covered benefit, and it typically doesn't involve out-of-pocket costs. After all, your ongoing health is in the best interests of both you and Wellcare. Look at your plan's benefits statements for specific coverage.

Is the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit the Same as a Physical?

No, they are not the same. A physical is typically a more thorough exam than the Annual Wellness Visit. While the two might have some tests or screenings in common, a wellness visit usually takes a more holistic approach.

Who Performs the Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit?

Your Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit is usually performed by your primary care provider. This might be a doctor, a nurse practitioner or another qualified medical professional. Check the terms of your Wellcare plan to find acceptable, participating providers.

Annual Wellness Visits are usually conducted in person, but you may be able to get a virtual telehealth appointment. Availability for virtual visits depends on your primary care provider.

Scheduling a Wellcare Annual Wellness Visit

Wellcare doesn't handle the scheduling for your Annual Wellness Visit. You can simply call your primary care provider to set a date. If you're new to Wellcare, it's a good idea to set up the visit as soon as your benefits kick in.

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