Apache County Medicare Advantage Plans

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  • Learn about Medicare Advantage plans in Apache County, Arizona. Get information about Part D prescription drug plans, deductibles, premiums and copay fees.

Medicare is the federal health insurance program designed for U.S. citizens 65 years and older. Medicare Advantage plans are “all in one” alternatives to Original Medicare and are sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans.” Medicare Advantage plans often include extra benefits such as dental and vision. Medicare Advantage plans are another way of getting Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B coverage and are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. A MAPD is a Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage. This is called Medicare Part D and offers all the coverage of original Medicare (parts A and B). There are seven MAPD plans in Apache County and 1,190 participants who use the benefit.

Average Cost of Medicare Advantage Plans in Apache

The average monthly Medicare Advantage plan premium in Apache County is about $21 per month in 2021. The average drug prescription deductible — the amount for the drug coverage portion of Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans — is $383 for the year. The typical in-network out-of-pocket spending in Apache County is about $4,220. This maximum refers to the average limit participants in Apache County are responsible for covering for in-network care yearly before their plan covers everything 100%.

Learn More About Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans

The most common types of Medicare Advantage Plans are HMO, PPO, PFFS and SNPs. In Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans, beneficiaries generally get their care and services from providers in the plan’s network; prescription drugs are covered in HMO Plans under Medicare Part D. 

Medicare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans are a type of Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) offered by private medical insurers. Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans determine how much enrollees pay for doctors, health care providers and hospitals. Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are similar to Medicare Advantage Plan like an HMO or PPO; however, they tailor their benefits to meet the specific needs of those they serve. 

More than 45 million adults 65 and over depend on the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan for all or part of their prescription drug costs. A standalone Part D plan offers prescription drug coverage to enrollees in combination with original Medicare. The standalone option can also be a Medicare Advantage plan such as an HMO or PPO that offers a prescription drug benefit.