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Christian Worstell
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  • Discover whether the Old Surety Life Insurance Company offers life insurance policies, including information about its Medicare supplemental plans and ethos.

If you're looking for supplemental Medicare coverage, the Old Surety Life Insurance Company might be worth considering. Below, you can find out everything you need to know about the company's product range, including whether the Old Surety Life Insurance Company offers life insurance policies. 

About Old Surety Life Insurance Company

The Old Surety Life Insurance Company is an Oklahoma-based company specializing in Medicare supplemental plans. It doesn't appear to sell life insurance products, despite what its name suggests. The Old Surety Life Insurance Company started trading in 1932 and operates according to biblical principles. 

What Life Insurance Products Does the Old Surety Life Insurance Company Offer?

The Old Surety Life Insurance Company doesn't sell life insurance. Instead, it sells four different Medicare supplemental plans. All Medicare plans sold by the Old Surety Life Insurance Company include:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance coverage for hospitalization between days 61 and 150
  • 365 days of additional hospitalization coverage if you use up your regular Medicare coverage days
  • Part B coinsurance, covering the portion of the Medicare-approved amount paid by enrollees (usually 20% of the approved amount)
  • First three pints of blood per annum

The company offers plans A, C, F and G and doesn't require pre-certification. Plan A doesn't include the initial inpatient deductible, skilled nursing facility coinsurance or the calendar year initial deductible. It also excludes any medical fees exceeding the Medicare-approved amount. 

Plan C covers all of the instances excluded by Plan A except for fees exceeding the Medicare-approved amount. Plan G excludes the calendar year initial deductible only. Plan F provides comprehensive coverage, and the Old Surety Life Insurance Company states that Plan C and Plan F include additional benefits not mentioned on the company website. However, it's unclear what these benefits are, so people considering purchasing a Medicare plan from the Old Surety Life Insurance Company will need to contact the company directly for information. 

Making a Claim With the Old Surety Life Insurance Company

The Old Surety Life Insurance Company has a link to a printable hearing, dental and vision claim form on its website. However, there isn't an online portal for enrollees to log in and manage their claims, suggesting that the company prefers a traditional approach to customer care. The company does receive and handle electronic Medicare claims made by healthcare providers. 

Old Surety Life Insurance Company Rates

The Old Surety Life Insurance Company doesn't list rates for its Medicare supplemental plans, and there isn't a facility to get an online quote. Instead, the company asks potential enrollees to get in contact via telephone to discuss their policy options.

Pros and Cons of the Old Surety Life Insurance Company

The primary advantage of the Old Surety Life Insurance Company is its family-oriented approach to customer care. Prospective and existing customers can contact an agent by telephone without navigating through automated push-button lists before they can speak to a real person. Although the company isn't BBB accredited, it has an A+ rating. A+ is the highest available rating and suggests that the company is trustworthy and deals fairly with its customers.

However, the lack of price lists or online quotes could be a drawback for customers wanting to get an initial idea of affordability before making in-person inquiries. The disparity between the company's name and its product range could confuse those looking for life insurance policies.

Old Surety Life Insurance Company Reviews: What People Are Saying

Most online reviews of the Old Surety Life Insurance Company are positive, and the company has a 4.9-star rating on Facebook. Many reviewers mention that the company acts with honesty and integrity, and several customers appreciate its faith-based approach to business. Reviewers also note that the company takes good care of its customers and like being able to contact a real person over the phone when they need help with their policy.

The company also holds a 4.3-star Google review rating. Although the company has very few negative reviews, one reviewer states that they didn't get a call back after making an inquiry. Another mentions that the company was slow to inform them of premium increases. There are no complaints about the Old Surety Life Insurance Company on the BBB website.

Is an Old Surety Life Insurance Company Life Insurance Policy Right for You?

The Old Surety Life Insurance Company won't be a suitable option if you're looking for life insurance coverage. However, it may suit you if you need supplemental Medicare coverage and prefer to deal with a real person instead of applying online. The company may also be worth considering if you want to use companies operating according to Christian values. 

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