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  • Purchasing a life insurance policy can be a stressful experience. Jenny Life aims to reinvent the industry by simplifying the process. Here's how they fare.

If you've ever purchased a life insurance policy, you know how stressful it can be. Filling out applications and questionnaires, scheduling medical exams, providing reams of data to the insurance company. Isn't it possible, in this day and age, to buy life insurance in a few minutes, without endless questions and medical exams?

The answer is yes! Jenny Life, a life insurance broker, started in Seattle in 2017, not only offers this opportunity but also focuses on a novel and unique audience: women and mothers.

Knowing the difficulties that women have when purchasing life insurance — especially those with children — Jenny Life was born with a mission to change this reality. Started by Chirag Paricholi and Lief Larson, Jenny Life takes a technological approach to finding and buying life insurance while simplifying the process from top to bottom.

What You Need to Know About Jenny Life

Jenny Life takes an app-based approach to purchasing life insurance. As an insurance brokerage company, the company doesn’t provide policies itself. Instead, customers can use Jenny Life’s website or mobile apps to browse life insurance providers, get free quotes and apply for policies, all without hassles or endless questioning.

After filling in all the information, Jenny Life will scan the country's top carriers and send you life insurance quotes that match your profile. From there, you choose the option that fits your needs, answer a few practical and objective questions and wait for the policy contract to land in your email inbox.

The entire process takes only minutes from start to finish, and it’s delivered in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It’s possible, for example, to use your mobile device’s biometric technology to answer questions and sign the contract. And the prices are attractive, too. Jenny Life offers policies for less than $10 a month. Moreover, you can cancel your contract at any time.

It is worth mentioning that quotes don’t guarantee policy eligibility. While the company defers to you to decide what to share, the more data you provide, the higher the likelihood of eligibility. This also affects policy pricing because insurers consider a variety of risk factors when approving applications.

What Life Insurance Products Does Jenny Life Offer?

Because Jenny Life is a broker rather than an insurer, you can purchase every kind of policy imaginable, both term life and whole life. Its insurance partners are all rated A- or higher by an independent insurance industry analyst. In other words, the policies are provided by traditional insurers that are highly regarded in the market.

Here are just a few of the insurance companies that sell policies through Jenny Life:

  • Assurance Life Insurance Company
  • Banner Life
  • Centrian Life Insurance
  • TruStage - CMFG Life Insurance Company
  • William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York
  • SBLI - The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts
  • Protective Life Insurance Company

The Pros and Cons of Jenny Life



  • Fast quotes and response times
  • An intuitive app that’s pleasant to use
  • Less bureaucracy for people who often face obstacles when taking out life insurance, such as women and mothers



  • Accessible in every state, but not all products are offered in each state
  • Currently no option to convert term coverage to a permanent policy
  • No way to modify your coverage amount at a later date

What Are People on the Internet Saying About Jenny Life?

While Jenny Life is accessible to anyone looking for life insurance coverage, women are the main enthusiasts of the new approach to purchasing life insurance. As such, there are plenty of women blogging about the easy and intuitive approach and championing the company. This shows that Jenny Life is on its way to fulfilling its mission of making access to life insurance more democratic.

Of course, men and women alike are praising Jenny Life’s ease, accessibility and price. Many of them speak on the flexibility in purchasing life insurance, citing their appreciation and relief of skipping exams.

Other people extol the flexibility across age eligibility and coverage amounts. These customers cite higher acceptance rates, whether they’re 18 or 70 years old, and coverage amounts that reach up to $1 million.

One of the disadvantages of Jenny Life is that it’s not possible to convert term policies to whole life. Reviews have addressed this and feel the term life ranges of 10 to 30 years aren’t adequate.

Is Jenny Life Right for You?

While insurance providers on Jenny Life can ask for more personal data regarding your health and lifestyle before issuing a policy, your approval chances are high if you're in good health. For some, Jenny Life provides a fast and easy approach to purchasing life insurance. Even for those who aren’t immediately eligible, using Jenny Life can simplify a process that often takes days or even weeks to finalize.

That said, while Jenny Life offers immense flexibility in browsing, selecting and purchasing life insurance, there’s a trade-off. You potentially lose some flexibility in modifying your policy later, whether you want to modify your benefit amount or convert your term life to whole coverage. But if these trade-offs don’t affect you, using Jenny Life is a great way to save a lot of time and hassle.

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