Fidelity Life Insurance Review

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  • Fidelity provides well-known life insurance products. Find out more about the strength of this company and what type of life insurance it provides.

Fidelity is one of North America's largest financial services firms. Learn more about why countless clients have given great Fidelity life insurance reviews below.

Life insurance sits alongside health and auto insurance coverage as one of the most popular types of consumer insurance. Having protected countless families from financial insecurity caused by unexpected death, Fidelity has garnered plenty of goodwill in reviews.

What Is Fidelity Life?

Fidelity Life, formally known as Fidelity Life Association and not to be confused with Fidelity Investments, was founded in 1896 as a fraternal benefit society.

The company is held in high regards by industry watchdogs and market analysts such as A.M. Best, which gives Fidelity Life an Excellent rating — in other words, customers can trust Fidelity to pull through on all of its promises, pledges and obligations.

Over the years, the company has consistently differentiated itself from the crowd by rapidly adapting to sweeping market changes and creating its own proprietary life insurance products that are patented under U.S. law

Does Fidelity Have Life Insurance Policies?

As a leader in the field, Fidelity Life offers several types of life insurance policies to customers. Regardless of the individual policy, all of Fidelity's life insurance policies ensure that beneficiaries — typically policyholders' spouses, children and other immediate family members — receive financial assistance in place of policyholders' income.

Most of Fidelity's business revolves around its term life and permanent life insurance policies, both of which offer rock-solid protection against financial problems. The firm also offers final expense insurance, a small, special type of life insurance that covers many end-of-life expenses, including funeral costs and probate.

Fidelity Life Insurance Reviews Agree on One Thing — The Firm's Policies and Products Come With Many Benefits That Other Firms Can't Match

Insurance companies constantly compete with one another to provide benefits such as stronger coverage and wider-ranging life insurnce policies. Without this never-ending drive to differentiate themselves from competitors, companies like Fidelity would undeniably get fewer satisfied clients. They'd also see fewer good Fidelity life insurance reviews online. Ultimately, with less money coming in, Fidelity couldn't offer the same high-quality coverage they currently do on life insurance policies.

For the time being, however, there's no sign that Fidelity will slow down. This is largely thanks to the long list of benefits that the firm provides as built-in components of their life insurance policies.

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