AAA Life Insurance Company Review

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  • AAA Life Insurance Company offers life insurance products that range from term to whole life. Discover more about AAA life insurance products in this review.

AAA may be best known for its roadside assistance programs and complementary travel services. However, it has a partner company that also provides life insurance policies. The AAA Life Insurance Company was started as an offshoot of the larger company in 1969. 

Those interested in life insurance from AAA can access it even without a membership. However, as is typical for AAA, members typically get a decent discount. 

What Products and Services Does AAA Life Insurance Provide?

AAA Life Insurance offers whole, universal and term life insurance policies. 

Term Life Insurance

To obtain a term life insurance policy from AAA, consumers must answer questions about their health and medical status and may even be subject to an examination. Coverage options range from $100,000 to upwards of $5 million. 

The company does have one option that mitigates the need for a physical exam called ExpressTerm. Coverage options for this policy range from $25,000 to $500,000. ExpressTerm policies can be purchased online, and while consumers still have to answer medical questions (and certain situations may still require an exam), it is a less stringent acceptance process. 

Both ExpressTerm and traditional term life coverage through AAA Life Insurance is offered in 10, 15, 20 and 30-year increments. AAA members receive a discount of up to 10% on premiums for term life plans, and they may be able to bundle auto and home insurance plans to save even more. 

Universal Life Insurance

The LifeTime Universal policy offers benefits starting at $100,000 and can help you cultivate some cash value. This policy ensures that premiums will not change, even if interest rates do. This policy requires that you apply with an agent.

The Accumulator Universal Life option is a permanent universal life policy that also requires application with an agent. It offers benefits that start at $100,000. It can accumulate additional cash value and boasts premiums that can be customized. 

Whole Life Insurance

The company offers a traditional whole life policy that can be purchased through a AAA Life Insurance agent. Benefits for traditional whole life policies range from $5,000 to $75,000 and the prices don't change once they are locked in on the policy. This policy offers permanent coverage for final expenses. 

AAA's guaranteed whole life policy offers coverage from $5,000 to $25,000 and can be purchased online or via phone. There are no health questions or exams associated with the purchase of this policy. 

The Pros and Cons of AAA Life Insurance



  • High value policies: It can be challenging to find dollar ranges like the ones on these policies, especially where high value amounts are concerned. The fact that it offers term life up to $5 million and several other policies in the hundreds of thousands is a definite benefit. 
  • Whole life with no exam: It has become more and more challenging to find a life insurance company that allows for policy purchase with no medical exam. AAA offers just such a policy for guaranteed whole life. 
  • Added benefits for AAA members: Signing up for a life insurance policy for existing AAA member means benefits that non-members might not get, such as access to accident insurance. 



  • Limited online service: Consumers have largely become accustomed to the convenience of online policy purchases across the industry, but AAA does not offer this option for most of its policies. 
  • AAA Life is not directly owned by AAA: While AAA Life is an offshoot of AAA and its members receive benefits, the two companies are separate. This means that AAA members cannot deal with their usual AAA agent regarding their life insurance policies. 

What People Are Saying About AAA Life Insurance

Reviews of AAA Life Insurance emphasize the professionalism of the agents, noting that they are knowledgeable about the company's products and comparable options. Payout timelines are also points of note for which customers laud the company. 

Reviews also underscore the extent to which the company's products are competitive in the life insurance marketplace. This is a plus for those customers who are shopping around for a product that suits their needs. 

The only drawbacks cited in reviews are individual situations, in which the payout took a bit longer than the consumer expected or they found themselves unsatisfied with answers to policy questions from agents. 

Who Would AAA Life Insurance Be Good For?

AAA Life Insurance is especially ideal for AAA members as it adds yet another benefit in terms of coverage options and affordable premiums because of this membership. Non-members might also find this life insurance company to be a good fit for variety, since it offers myriad policy types. 

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