Proof of Residency Documents and How to Use Them

Christian Worstell
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  • You can use this free proof of residency letter to go along with your required documents if you need to prove your address for a loan, getting a new ID or for many other purposes. Read about proof of residency to learn what it is, when you’ll need it and how it can be established.

Sometimes a simple ID card won’t cut it and you must produce a proof of residency. And while your address is displayed on your driver’s license and many other forms of identification, showing your ID is not always sufficient for taking out a loan, enrolling in college, setting up utilities in a home or other important things.

If you need a proof of residency letter, you can print this free proof of residency letter template and fill in the necessary information. If required, you can get the letter notarized.

Some of the documents that can be used to establish proof of residency include:

  • Utility bills
  • W-2’s and other tax forms or tax returns
  • Paycheck or pay stub
  • Military papers
  • School records
  • Vehicle registration card or title
  • Mortgage or lease papers
  • Property tax statement
  • Bank statements
  • Court letters
  • Cell phone bill
  • Health insurance card
  • Voter registration card

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When Do You Need to Show Proof of Residency?

Some of the situations in which you may need to provide a proof of residency include:

  • Obtaining a driver’s license
  • To prove that an employee had been working in a specific area during a particular period
  • To verify that a child has been living at an address that is within the limits of a particular school district
  • To prove to a landlord that an individual has or has not been living in the rented property
  • To prove residence to a college or university to secure in-state tuition rates

What Is a Proof of Residency Letter?

Submitting a utility bill along with a photo ID is often an acceptable way of proving your residence. But sometimes you may be required to submit a proof of residency letter.

A proof of residency letter is a sworn statement testifying that a person resides at a particular address. It is also known as an “affidavit of residence” and is a legally-binding document. You may be held liable for fraud for submitting a false proof of residency letter.

A proof of residency letter is often needed when applying for government jobs or insurance programs and may be written by the individual asserting their residency or by someone on their behalf.

A proof of residency may serve as a cover letter to supplement other documents that prove one’s residency and is often notarized for further credibility. While it is not legally required for a proof of residency letter to be notarized, it is recommended when not accompanied by any supplemental evidence of residency.

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Download a Proof of Residency Letter

You may view, print and complete this free template for a proof of residency letter.

A proof of residency letter is fairly simple and includes your basic information along with a signed statement vowing that you lived at the address provided for the specified time period.

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