Does Medicare Cover Dyrenium?

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  • Dyrenium is a diuretic, sometimes called a water pill, that helps remove excess water from the body. Learn whether Medicare covers prescription Dyrenium.

Diuretic drugs remove extra water from the body without depleting the body's supply of potassium. Dyrenium is a diuretic drug prescribed to treat swelling. While some Medicare plans may have coverage for Dyrenium, the majority of Medicare plans do not cover this drug. 

Medicare beneficiaries will need to check with their specific plan's formulary to verify if Dyrenium is a covered drug. Otherwise, there may be alternative diuretics that are covered by the plan. A 30-day supply of this drug ranges from $305-$415 if you're paying for it without insurance.  

Basic Drug Information for Dyrenium 

Also called a water pill, Dyrenium is a diuretic prescribed for the alleviation of swelling due to fluid retention caused by various medical conditions. Medical conditions that may result in fluid retention include liver or heart disease. Dyrenium is taken in capsule form by mouth either once or twice daily, depending on your prescription. 

Possible side effects of Dyrenium include dizziness, vomiting and headache. It is important to seek medical help if these side effects become severe or don't go away. There may be similar diuretics that do not have the same side effects. Talk to your doctor to discuss your options. 

What Is the Generic Name for Dyrenium? 

The generic name for Dyrenium is triamterene. Triamterene may be covered by some Medicare prescription drug plans instead of the brand version. If not covered by your Medicare plan, the generic alternative to Dyrenium may be less expensive to fill at the pharmacy. It is important to note that coverage for either the brand or generic forms of this drug is different when administered in a hospital or skilled nursing facility setting. 

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