Does Medicare Cover Dexedrine?

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  • Find out whether Medicare covers Dexedrine or its generic form, dextroamphetamine. Learn about alternatives and how to reduce the cost of this medicine.

Dexedrine is the branded version of dextroamphetamine. This medication is a stimulant that can be useful for treating conditions such as ADHD and narcolepsy. Keep reading to find out what kind of Medicare coverage is available for Dexedrine. 

What Is Dexedrine? 

Dexedrine is a branded version of dextroamphetamine. This medicine can help people stay alert and improve focus, and it's often used for treating ADHD. However, doctors also prescribe dextroamphetamine for sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy. 

Although Dexedrine and Adderall are similar, they aren't exactly the same. Adderall contains a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, making it a weaker stimulant than Dexedrine. However, both medications are used to treat many of the same conditions. 

Does Medicare Cover Dexedrine? 

Generally, no, Medicare doesn't cover Dexedrine. Medicare Part D drug plans don't usually cover Dexedrine, nor do most Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Part B may cover the medication if a doctor administers it in an inpatient setting. However, this is rare, as most uses for the medicine aren't associated with hospital stays. 

Although Medicare rarely covers brand-name Dexedrine, some plans may cover generic dextroamphetamine. If your plan doesn't cover any form of this drug, there may be other options for getting affordable medication. 

How Much Does Dexedrine Cost? 

Since Medicare generally doesn't cover Dexedrine, you can expect to pay around $189  for the medication. However, there may be ways to get this medicine for less if you need it. You can use a prescription drug discount plan or coupon to get the medication for less. Buying generic dextroamphetamine with a discount plan is often relatively inexpensive. 

Additionally, Medicare often covers other medications, such as Adderall, which treat the same conditions. Your doctor may be able to prescribe one of these medications instead. 

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