Does Medicare Cover Amantadine?

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  • Created for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and the prevention of flu symptoms, amandatine is an antidyskinetic. Learn whether Medicare covers this drug.

Individuals suffering from Parkinson's disease often struggle with symptoms such as rigid muscles, tremors, and speech and writing difficulties. Amantadine helps control the movement problems caused by Parkinson's disease and certain drugs used to treat it and is sometimes also prescribed to prevent symptoms of influenza A. Approximately four out of five Medicare plans cover this drug. 

Drug Information for Amantadine 

Amantadine is prescribed to help control involuntary muscle movements caused by Parkinson's disease. It works by increasing the amount of dopamine in the body. When prescribed for influenza A, amantadine helps stop the spread of the virus throughout the body. This drug is usually taken once or twice daily in capsule or tablet form but is also available in a liquid. People prescribed this drug for Parkinson's disease may begin on a lower dosage, and their doctor may gradually increase the dosage over time. 

Common side effects of amantadine include appetite changes, dry mouth, constipation and nausea. It's recommended that people who are taking amandatine avoid drinking alcohol. For some people, this drug can lead to drowsiness and blurred vision, which makes operating a vehicle or machinery inadvisable. As with all other prescription medications, it's important to let your prescriber know what other drugs and supplements you're taking. 

How Much Does Amantadine Cost With Medicare? 

After the Medicare prescription drug deductible is satisfied, the cost of amantadine ranges from $1-$115, according to This drug is usually in Tier 2 of Medicare prescription drug plans, which means it is among lower-cost medication options. Medicare beneficiaries who receive extra help or other assistance in paying for drug costs may have no cost share for amantadine. 

What Is the Generic Drug for Amantadine? 

Amantadine is the generic form of a brand-name drug called Gocovri. Medicare beneficiaries can save a substantial amount of money by choosing generic drugs instead of brand-name medications. Additionally, generic drugs typically have fewer plan restrictions, such as prior authorization requirements, than their brand-name medications. For individuals prescribed amantadine for long-term use, filling the prescription for a 90-day supply or receiving it through the Medicare plan's mail order provider may result in additional savings. 

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