How to Use Your Wellcare Medicare Login Information

In this article...
  • Learn how to use your Wellcare Medicare login. Find out how to create an account and use the Wellcare Medicare member portal to perform a number of tasks related to your benefits.

Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan members have the luxury of an online portal that contains everything needed for reviewing and using their Medicare insurance coverage.

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Just a few of the basic functions plan members can perform with a Wellcare Medicare account include:

In this guide, we dive further into the Wellcare Medicare member portal so you can learn how to create an account, log in and so much more.

If you’re new to Medicare or already have a Wellcare Medicare plan, you can compare your local plan options to find out if there’s a 2024 Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan available that offers more benefits you want or a lower cost than your current plan.

You can request a free plan quote online or call to speak with a licensed insurance agent to compare Wellcare plan options.

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How Do I Set Up a Wellcare Account?

First, you’ll need to be enrolled in a Wellcare Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan. Then you can create a Wellcare Medicare account on the member registration page.

You will start the two-step process by entering your plan ID number which can be found on the front of your Wellcare plan card.

How to Log Into Your Wellcare Medicare Account

Once you have created a Wellcare Medicare account, you may log in from anywhere with just your username and password on the Wellcare payment login page.

If you’re having difficulty logging in, you can answer some security questions to regain access to your account.

How to Pay Your Wellcare Medicare Premium

You can pay your Wellcare Medicare plan premium online through your Wellcare member login account. Enter your member ID number and email address on the payment page and follow the instructions to pay your plan premium.

If you wish to pay your plan premium by mail, you can mail your payment to:

P.O. Box 75510
Chicago, IL 60675-5510

You can even make a payment over the phone by calling the phone number listed below for your respective state.

  • 1-888-550-5252 (TTY 711) - Prescription Drug Plan Members in All States
  • 1-800-316-2273 (TTY 711) - Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee
  • 1-866-999-3945 (TTY 711) - California
  • 1-866-579-8006 (TTY 711) - Connecticut
  • 1-888-888-9355 (TTY 711) - Florida
  • 1-866-334-7730 (TTY 711) - Georgia
  • 1-888-505-1201 (TTY 711) - Hawaii, Louisiana 
  • 1-866-334-6876 (TTY 711) - Illinois
  • 1-877-560-3206 (TTY 711) - Kentucky
  • 1-877-655-2425 (TTY 711) - North Carolina
  • 1-866-687-8570 (TTY 711) - New Jersey
  • 1-800-278-5155 (TTY 711) - New York 
  • 1-866-687-8878 (TTY 711) - Texas

How to Find a Wellcare Medicare Doctor

Wellcare Medicare plan members can use their online account to find doctors and other health care providers in their area who will accept their Wellcare plan.

From the Wellcare provider portal login page, select your state, county, zip code and plan name. You may then download a pdf file showing a list of providers in your area who accept your plan.

The provider list is organized alphabetically within various categories of specialists. A name, provider ID number, address and phone number is given for each participating provider.

How to Calculate Your Costs with Wellcare Medicare

The Wellcare Medicare member portal also allows you to calculate your predicted costs for various health care services.

Simply select your state and choose “Medicare” from the dropdown tab on the cost calculator page followed by your zip code on the ensuing page. Then, select the type of health care service category and specific procedure from the dropdown tabs.

You will then be shown the estimated total cost of the procedure before your Wellcare plan coverage makes it contribution.

Reviewing 2024 Medicare Basics

The Wellcare Medicare member portal doesn’t skip over the fundamentals. Plan members can view plenty of Medicare basics specific to their respective state such as: 

  • How to pick a primary care doctor
  • Reporting Medicare fraud or abuse
  • Safe disposal of medications
  • Drug quality assurance
  • Service authorizations and referrals
  • Managing your digital medical records
  • Medicare glossary and FAQ

Wellcare also provides members with a video titled “Your Plan Made Easy” that can be accessed to learn more about Medicare’s basics.

Additional Actions You Can Perform with Your Wellcare Medicare Account

There’s more you can do with the Wellcare Medicare member portal than what’s listed above. Some of the additional actions you can perform include:

  1. Contacting Wellcare customer service
  2. Requesting coverage for a prescription medication if your plan includes drug coverage
  3. Finding Wellcare health and wellness resources which can include things like tips on managing health conditions, recommendations for keeping your kids healthy, women’s health resources and the Krames Health Library

What Is My Wellcare Medicare ID?

Your Wellcare Medicare plan ID is the number listed on the front of your plan ID card. You will use this number to create your online account and when using your plan at doctor’s offices.

If you are having trouble locating your ID number or have lost your plan card, contact Wellcare member services for help.

Downloading the Wellcare Medicare Mobile App

You don’t need a web browser to access your Wellcare Medicare member portal. You can log in from anywhere using the Wellcare Medicare mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.

Download the Wellcare Medicare mobile app for Android devices on Google Play or for Apple devices in the App Store. Both are free downloads and offer the ability to perform all of the same functions as the web browser version of the Wellcare Medicare member portal.

Using the Wellcare Medicare Flex Card

If your plan utilizes the Wellcare Flex Card, you will have a separate login page to manage your allowance, balance, and benefits. When logging in for the first time, you will have to create a new account by clicking the “Get Started” button. Existing members may log in by entering their username.

The Wellcare Flex Card is a prepaid Visa debit card that members may use to pay for certain dental, vision and hearing care services. The amount loaded onto the card varies by plan.

How To Check Balance on Wellcare Flex Card

To check your balance, simply log into the Flex Card Member Portal. The Flex Card Member Portal is where you can view your balance, file a manual claim, order a new card and more. 

Can I Use My Wellcare Flex Card for Groceries?

No, the Wellcare Flex Card may not be used for groceries. And while Wellcare OTC (over-the-counter) benefits may be covered by some plans, the Flex Card may not be used to purchase OTC products.

Can I Use My Wellcare Flex Card at Walmart?

You may be able to use the Wellcare Flex Card at Walmart vision centers or for eligible hearing care products. Check with your plan to see if your Flex Card may be used at your local Walmart.

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