How to Find Kaiser Dental Providers

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  • You can find Kaiser dental providers by using the Kaiser Permanente Dental Provider Directory. Learn more about Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage dental coverage and how to find a Medicare plan that may cover your dentist.

Many Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plans may cover dental benefits, giving members their choice of dental providers within the Kaiser network. The company claims 75,000 allied health professionals in more than 600 facilities across the nine states that it serves, many of which are dentists and other dental-related providers. 

Finding Kaiser Permanente Dental Providers

You may search for Kaiser Permanente dental providers online using the Doctors & Locations search tool

Simply enter your region, city or zip code and use the “provider type” dropdown box to select “dentists” to produce a directory of Kaiser dental providers in your selected area. If you would like to know if a particular dentist or dental facility is within the Kaiser Permanente network, you may type the name of the provider or facility in the box provided. 

The directory will show the name and address of each Kaiser Permanente dental provider in the selected area along with their gender, specialty and languages spoken as well as any board certifications or hospital affiliations they may have. The directory also details whether each dental provider is accepting new patients and if they require referrals for appointments. 

You may also access an online PDF directory of providers for each regional Kaiser Permanente network by selecting the appropriate file under “Directories” and “Medicare provider directories.” If you need to change the location, return to the upper right portion of the page and use the location dropdown tab. 

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Types of Kaiser Permanente Dental Providers

Kaiser Permanente dental provider networks feature both Doctors of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Doctors of Medical Dentistry (DMD). In addition to general dentists, the Kaiser networks of providers include:

  • Denturists: Dental technicians who specialize in making and fitting dentures

  • Endodontists: Dentists specializing in root canals and the treatment of diseases or injuries that affect the pulp of teeth

  • Orthodontists: Dentists who specialize in preventing and treating misaligned teeth

  • Pediatric dentists: Dentists who specialize in treating children

  • Periodontists: Specialists who treat gums and other supporting structures of the teeth

  • Prosthodontists: Specialists who restore teeth or replace missing teeth with bridges, dentures crowns or implants

Kaiser Permanente Dental Coverage 

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plans include the limited dental coverage that is found in Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B), and certain plans may also cover routine dental care that includes exams, teeth cleanings and X-rays, along with more advanced care such as:

  • Diagnostic services
  • Restorative services
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Extractions
  • Prosthodontics 

Kaiser Medicare Advantage members who do not have dental benefits included in their plan may be able to purchase Advantage Plus, which is the company’s optional supplemental benefits package. This package, available for an added premium, includes dental, vision and hearing coverage. 

Enrolling in Kaiser Dental Coverage

It may be helpful to work with a licensed insurance agent to shop for and enroll in a Kaiser Medicare plan with dental coverage. An agent can confirm your Medicare Advantage eligibility and help you review Kaiser Permanente plan options if any are available where you live. An agent can even guide you through the enrollment process if you find the right plan and are eligible to enroll.

Dental benefits are included in many Medicare Advantage plans sold by a large number of insurance companies, so it’s important to explore all of your options in order to obtain the best coverage for your budget and needs. 

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