Does Wellcare Cover Flu Shots?

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  • Flu shots may offer protection against certain strains of the influenza virus. Wellcare may help cover the costs of seasonal flu shots. Find out more.

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The flu affects approximately 8% of the U.S. population each season, with many cases leading to severe illness and hospitalizations. Flu vaccines are designed to offer protection against four separate influenza strains, which may help lower the odds of becoming infected during flu season. 

When Does Wellcare Pay for Flu Shots?

Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans usually cover seasonal flu vaccines, along with pneumonia and COVID-19 vaccines for older adults. Click below to shop for Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans available where you live. 

Flu vaccines are generally covered once annually during flu season for plan beneficiaries. Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans with Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage may also provide coverage for many commercially available vaccines that are deemed reasonably necessary when not covered by Medicare Part B. 

Is Fluzone Vaccine Covered by Medicare Advantage? 

Most Medicare Advantage plans cover the Fluzone vaccine and its administration. However, Fluzone is a high-dose vaccine, and coverage options may vary based on plan specifics, geographical location and other factors.

It's always best for Medicare Advantage recipients to contact their providers directly to ensure Fluzone is covered before receiving the vaccine. 

How Effective Are Flu Vaccines?

Flu vaccine effectiveness can vary from person to person due to factors such as age, geographical location (when compared to types of viruses spreading in specific communities) and current health status of vaccine recipients. Recent research has shown that influenza vaccines may lower the risk of illness by 40& to 60% in populations where vaccines match the local circulating flu viruses. 

Flu vaccines may not offer total protection against any influenza strain. However, partial protection against certain strains may help prevent serious illness, hospitalizations and fatalities from the seasonal flu. 

What Are Some Common Influenza Symptoms? 

Symptoms of influenza typically include fever, runny nose, scratchy throat and a general feeling of malaise. In some cases, flu symptoms may feel similar to cold symptoms, but the flu tends to come on faster and have a stronger overall effect than the common cold.

Individuals with influenza may also experience chills and a dry cough. Secondary infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis can sometimes follow flu infections, which is why flu vaccines are often considered essential for older adults. 

Does the Flu Vaccine Cause Any Side Effects? 

Side effects from flu vaccines can include soreness at the injection site, mild headache and fever, mild fatigue and muscle aches. While flu vaccine side effects can vary from person to person, in most cases the effects are mild and typically subside within a few days.

Individuals who experience unusual or prolonged side effects following flu vaccinations should consult with their primary care physicians. 

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