Anthem Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

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  • All Anthem Medicare Advantage plans cover the Medicare annual wellness visit. Learn more how the annual wellness visit differs from a routine physical, and find out what additional benefits some Anthem Medicare plans may offer.

Among the many benefits included in an Anthem Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan is the Medicare annual wellness visit. They also provide benefits like the Anthem Blue Cross dental plan.

The annual wellness visit is covered by Medicare Part B. Because Medicare Advantage plans are required by law to cover everything included in Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B), the annual wellness visit is covered by all Medicare Advantage plans like those available through Anthem and the Anthem family of brands, such as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 

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What Is the Annual Wellness Visit?

The annual wellness visit is similar to a routine physical but does not include any actual physical examination outside of basic height, weight and blood pressure measurements. There is no blood work included in the Medicare yearly wellness visit. 

The annual wellness visit is a yearly check-in with your doctor. At each visit, your doctor will note any changes in your health from the previous year’s visit and use the appointment as an opportunity to identify any early warning signs or make referrals for tests or appointments with specialists. Preventive health is the focus of the annual wellness visit. 

Some of the things you might expect during an annual wellness visit include the following.

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Health History Review

A review of your personal health history along with that of your family can help identify conditions or diseases that may pose an increased risk. 

Cognitive Impairment Assessment

A cognitive impairment assessment looks for signs of Alzheimer’s and others form of dementia along with depression and various mood disorders. 

List of Current Providers and Prescriptions

Your doctor may want to develop or update a list of the health care providers you like to see in order to better coordinate your care or make referrals. 

An updated list of all prescription medications you are currently taking will help your doctor issue future prescriptions or diet or lifestyle recommendations. 

Advance Care Planning

Advance care involves planning for your care in the event you become unable to speak for yourself. Having an advance care plan in place is pivotal to having your personal wishes carried out and may be discussed and updated during your annual wellness visit. 

Personalized Health Advice

Based on the information above, your doctor will put together personalized health advice for you that includes a list of risk factors and treatment options and a screening schedule for recommended preventive services such as screenings and shots. 

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What Is the Welcome to Medicare Visit?

When you first join Medicare, you will be eligible for a “Welcome to Medicare” visit. The Welcome to Medicare visit is much like the annual wellness visit and serves as a baseline measurement of your health. 

The Welcome to Medicare visit also does not involve a physical examination and includes many of the same services performed in the annual wellness visit.  

Does Anthem Cover Routine Physicals?

Some Medicare Advantage plans go beyond the annual wellness visit and provide coverage for an actual physical examination. You may be able to find an Anthem Medicare Advantage plan available near you that covers routine physicals. 

How Can I Enroll in an Anthem Plan That Covers the Annual Wellness Visit?

Every Anthem Medicare Advantage plan provides coverage for both the Welcome to Medicare visit and the annual wellness visit. Connecting with a licensed insurance agent is a convenient way to find an Anthem Medicare Advantage plan near you and getting the enrollment process underway. 

Remember, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in order to sign up for Medicare Advantage and there are only certain times of the year during which you may enroll. 

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