Connecticut Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment

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  • Connecticut Medicaid gives low-income residents access to health coverage. Read this guide to learn more about the program, what it covers and how to apply.

What Is Connecticut Medicaid?

Connecticut Medicaid is a government program that provides health coverage to low-income residents who meet certain requirements. It's a cooperative effort between the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a federal agency and the Connecticut Department of Social Services, a state agency. Both agencies contribute funding to ensure that Connecticut residents have access to medical and behavioral health services.

Is Medicaid the Same as HUSKY?

Yes. In Connecticut, the Medicaid program is called HUSKY Health. The two terms can be used interchangeably.

What Does Connecticut Medicaid Cover?

In Connecticut, Medicaid covers a variety of services, some of which are considered "mandatory benefits" by the federal government. These services include hospital care, laboratory tests, X-rays, physician services and home health services. HUSKY Health also covers several optional services, such as prescriptions, durable medical equipment and some types of dental care.

Connecticut Medicaid Expansion

Connecticut was the first state to expand its Medicaid program after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Due to the expansion, all Connecticut residents with incomes below a certain level now qualify for Medicaid, even if they didn't qualify previously. With more residents qualifying for Medicaid, Connecticut now has a much lower uninsured rate than the national average — 5.9% versus 10.2%.

Who Is Eligible for Medicaid in Connecticut?

Like all Medicaid programs, HUSKY Health has several basic eligibility requirements. First, HUSKY Health is only available to residents of Connecticut. Second, applicants must be U.S. citizens or lawfully admitted immigrants (U.S. nationals, legal aliens, permanent residents).

The Medicaid expansion made it possible for adults to qualify for HUSKY Health based on income alone. People in the following groups may qualify for Connecticut Medicaid with higher incomes:

  • Pregnant women
  • Parents/caretakers with dependent children
  • Older adults (65+)
  • Blind and disabled individuals 

What Is the Income Limit for Medicaid in Connecticut?

The income limit for HUSKY Health depends on the applicant's age, household size, medical status and family status. For example, pregnant women and parents/caretakers with tax-dependent children have higher income limits than adults without dependent children. 


HUSKY A coverage is for pregnant women, children and parents/caretakers with tax-dependent children. Annual income limits for these groups are displayed in the table below.

Household Size



Pregnant Women
























*A developing baby is considered part of the household, so a pregnant woman who lives alone would have a household size of 2.


HUSKY C is for older adults (65+) and adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who are blind or have some other type of disability. This version of HUSKY Health includes coverage for long-term services and supports. The income limits depend on where an applicant lives and how many people are in the household.

For applicants, the monthly income limit is $653 for a single individual and $879 for a married couple. An individual living in an institution may have incomes up to $2,523 per month.

In addition to the income limits, HUSKY C also has asset limits. A single person may have no more than $1,600 in countable assets, and a married couple may have no more than $2,400 in countable assets, regardless of which region they live in.


HUSKY D is for adults without minor children. Recipients in this group must be between the ages of 19 and 64 and ineligible for Medicare coverage. The income limits for HUSKY D are displayed in the table below.

Household Size

Annual Income Limit













How Do I Enroll in Medicaid in Connecticut?

Older adults (65+) can apply for HUSKY C online, print an application and mail it to DSS or apply in person at a DSS field office. To apply online, visit the Department of Social Services website and click Apply Now. Applicants who want to explore their eligibility before filling out an application can use the screening tool on the same page to determine if they might qualify for Medicaid or other forms of assistance.

To print an application, visit the DSS website and download form W-1E Application for Benefits. Mail the completed form to the following address:

DSS Scanning Center
P.O. Box 1320
Manchester, CT 06045-1320

To fill out an application in person, look up the closest office on the DSS website and call to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information for Connecticut Medicaid

DSS Client Information Line and Benefits Center: (855) 626-6632
ConneCT website:

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