National General Insurance Review: Discover Your Life Insurance Options

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  • Find out more about life insurance options through National General Insurance in this review.

It may not have the brand visibility of other life insurance companies, but National General Insurance offers a wide array of coverage options, especially where auto insurance is concerned. In business for more than 60 years, the company is headquartered in North Carolina and offers auto, personal and business insurance. Its battery of auto insurance options are among its most popular. 

One of the stand-out features about this company is that the company does specialize in high-risk drivers. This means that those who may have trouble getting auto insurance elsewhere or drivers in need of an SR-22 might find it easier to obtain coverage through National General. 

What Products and Services Does National General Insurance Provide?

National General Insurance specializes in auto insurance but also offers: 

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Flood/earthquake insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Insurance coverage in Mexico
  • Classic car insurance

National General Insurance does not provide life insurance direction. It does help consumers connect with life insurance options via partner businesses.

The Pros and Cons of National General Insurance



  • Guaranteed auto repair: Some insurance companies make the repair process much more challenging than it should be. One of the pros of National General Insurance is that the company has a lifetime guarantee on repairs at shops indicated as "Gold Medal" approved. 
  • National General Motor Club membership: This is another perk of using National General Insurance as a provider. Club membership offers discounts on everything from restaurants to entertainment, free maps and even roadside assistance in some instances. 
  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction: The company goes so far to ensure customer satisfaction that it uses its deductible to back it up. This means that for customers who are unhappy with some element of the claims process, the company will waive part of the deductible. This demonstrates a significant commitment to quality customer service. 
  • Emergency expenses: For those dealing with immediate issues with food or lodging after a claim, the company will step in with an emergency expense allowance for those in need of assistance.



  • Website Information: For consumers accustomed to finding out information about an insurance company online, the National General Insurance site does not have a great deal about the company itself. 
  • Perks for club members: Many of the company's perks do seem to be centered on those consumers that purchase the membership.
  • No direct life insurance: National General Insurance doesn't offer direct life insurance policies. 

What People Are Saying About National General Insurance

Reviews about National General Insurance are mixed, with some lauding the company for assistance with homeowner issues during times of natural disaster and the quality of customer service offered to those who interact with agents via phone or in person. 

Some customers have noted that the higher-than-average premiums are something of a challenge, and company policies are not always applied consistently. 

Who Would National General Insurance Be Good For?

National General Insurance is ideal for anyone who owns a GM vehicle, as the company provides a specific discount for this demographic. It is also a good fit for those with a safe driving history, as there are discounts to be found here as well. 

Drivers who have found it challenging to obtain coverage elsewhere because of a checkered driving history may find this company to be a good fit. Those who need SR-22 may also take a look at National General for their auto insurance needs.