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  • Learn about the laws governing life insurance in Arizona and find valuable resources for Arizona life insurance customers, including employee scheme enrollees.

Life insurance helps secure your family's financial wellbeing by paying out a death benefit if you die while the policy is in force. The laws regulating life insurance vary by state, so it's helpful to understand the rules surrounding life insurance in Arizona before purchasing coverage. Below, you can learn about Arizona's life insurance regulations and find useful consumer resources. 

Arizona Life Insurance Rules and Specifics

The Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions regulates life insurance companies in the state. Title 20 of the Arizona Statutes deals specifically with life insurance providers. 

Grace Period

According to the Arizona Statute, insurers must provide a grace period of at least 30 days for any premium for all life insurance policies, excluding the first payment. A grace period provides a cushion if you are unable to make a premium payment on time, allowing your coverage to continue as long as you pay before the end of the period. Companies can reduce your payout to cover the missed payment if you make a claim before getting up to date with your premiums. 


The state of Arizona requires that all life insurance policies become incontestable if you've held the policy for two years after its issue date and kept up to date with your premium payments. Incontestability clauses protect consumers by preventing insurers from voiding their policies due to mistakes on the application or unfairly dismissing claims. This rule doesn't apply to disability or accidental death benefits. 

Limitations of Liability

Life insurance companies in Arizona are not allowed to exclude or restrict their liability to pay out a death benefit unless you die in one of the following situations:

  • As a result of war or military action
  • Due to aviation
  • As a result of a hazardous occupation
  • Outside the contiguous United States or Canada

Insurers may exclude or restrict payouts if you die by suicide in the first two years after issue or reinstatement only. These rules don't apply to group insurance products or products like disability or accidental death riders. 

Life Insurance Resources in Arizona

The Arizona State Legislature website is a valuable source of information if you want to find out more about life insurance regulations and your consumer rights in Arizona. Its archives contain information about mandatory provisions of life insurance policies in the state, including rules governing group and industrial life insurance providers. 

The Arizona Department of Administration Benefits site is a helpful resource for employers and employees enrolled in a state-provided workplace life insurance scheme. The website provides detailed information about Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance policies for eligible employees. You can also use the Benefits Scout Calculator to help you work out how much coverage you require. 

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