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  • Explore our top 5 recommended online computer classes for seniors and learn how to find in-person computer classes for seniors near you. Groups like AARP may offer computer classes in your area.

As the world continues to move deeper into the digital age, a generation of older adults has had to learn a brand new skill. Computers have become an essential tool for navigating today’s society, and having even some basic skills at the keyboard can significantly improve quality of life for seniors.  

Fortunately, there are numerous computer classes available to seniors. In this guide, we review our top 5 online computer classes for seniors, and we explain how you can find in-person computer classes for seniors where you live.

The 5 Best Online Computer Classes for Seniors

Below are five great websites where older adults can go to learn basic computer skills or to improve on the skills they already have. These are listed in no particular order, and you should explore the classes that offer the computer skills you want to learn.

1. Skillfulsenior

Skillfulsenior is a great starting point for anyone brand new to computers. You’ll learn how to use a mouse and keyboard and learn how to type using fun games.

If you simply want to learn how to use a computer to send email or type letters, look no further than Skillfulsenior.

2. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Introducing an older adult to a computer is a lot like “teaching an old dog new tricks.”

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks uses a progressive training model to teach you as much or as little about computers as you wish.

Start with lessons about Mircosoft Word and gradually level up in training sessions that last only a few minutes each. You can also save and resume where your last session left off. You can also stop whenever you feel like you’ve learned what you set out to learn.

3. TechBoomers

Social media is becoming more and more popular among older adults, and TechBoomers is helping lead the way.

The site provides multiple tutorials for all the biggest social media platforms so you can start posting pictures of the grandkids to Instagram in no time. 

4. Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free

Older adults rely on computers for more than just fun and socializing. The Goodwill Community Foundation offers tutorials for using Microsoft Office, sending email and other practical tasks.

5. The Senior’s Guide to Computers

The Senior’s Guide to Computers uses pictures, videos and examples to exhibit using a computer in a simple and benign way.

Learn about hardware, software, web browsers, computer security and more and there are even guides to computer use for people with vision, hearing or other disabilities.  

Are There In-Person Computer Courses for Seniors?

Most community colleges have basic computer classes for anyone wishing to learn in an in-person environment. Many senior centers, community centers, libraries and nonprofit organizations also offer classes that may be geared more for older adults. Online services such as Geeker also provide on-demand support for popular tools such as Excel, Powerpoint and general technology support.

If you’re a member of AARP, the organization’s “Senior Planet” currently operates in six locations throughout the U.S. for in-person learning on a wide variety of subjects including Google, messaging apps, smartphones, YouTube and more. There are even lunch and learn sessions for technology discussion groups. 

What Is the Easiest Computer for Seniors?

Not all computers are the same, and some are more senior-friendly than others. Below are a few computers that are easier for beginners or even designed specifically for older adults. 


Telikin is a simple touchscreen computer with a small handful of programs built into an easy-to-use interface and designed specifically for older adults.

There’s no setup process and everything is ready to go right out of the box. Telikin allows seniors to email, video chat, play games and more but without the learning curve.  


The Wow! computer was built with senior adults and beginners in mind that comes pre-loaded with its own software allowing you to perform all the basic functions of a more traditional computer including web surfing.

The product comes with virus protection and U.S.-based support.

A Plus Senior Computer 

The A Plus comes with a large print keyboard, fully-illustrated user manual, U.S.-based support and a lifetime virus-free guarantee. The interface is designed for “one-click” engagement with weather, news, games, stocks and more.

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