Large Print Crossword Puzzles for Seniors

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  • Crossword puzzles are a great way for older adults to stay sharp, and large print versions make it easy on the eyes. Browse these large print crossword puzzles that you can access online, at the store and on your mobile device.

Crossword puzzles are a great activity for seniors, and large print crossword puzzles are easier on the eyes and can prevent headaches. They can also help you stay engaged longer and keep your focus on solving the puzzle instead of just trying to make out the letters. 

Below is a brief overview of the benefits of crossword puzzles for seniors and where to find large print versions. 

Are Crossword Puzzles Good for Seniors?

Crossword puzzles and other “brain games” are healthy for anyone, but particularly for older adults. One thing that is often said about the brain is that you “use it or lose it,” so it’s important for seniors to keep their minds stimulated with games, books and socializing.

Studies have shown that crossword puzzles and other games can even help to slow the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. One recent study of 19,000 participants concluded that adults over the age of 50 who regularly play puzzles such as crosswords experience better brain function and memory. 

Where Can I Print Large Print Crossword Puzzles?

Here are a few of our favorite sources for large print crosswords online:

  • E.T.S. is a company that offers online tutoring in English as a second language and provides free large print crossword puzzles. There are 15 puzzles published each month as a PDF file, and you may print off an unlimited number of copies. 

  • Word Game World offers a number of printable large print crossword puzzles set to different themes such as the 70’s, Elvis, classic movies and more.

  • Safer Senior Care has a number of large print crossword puzzles with themes such as wildlife, sports, travel, weather and more.

  • Printablee is another website with a variety of large print crossword puzzles set to different topics. 

  • Puzzler has a packet of 50 large print crossword puzzles available to download and print for a fee of just a few dollars. 

Where Can I Buy Large Print Crossword Puzzle Books? 

Large print crossword puzzle books can be purchased at major bookstores like Barnes & Noble and retailers such as Walmart and Target. 

These books are also easy to find online on Amazon or simply by searching Google for “large print crossword puzzle books.” But here are a few good ones to get you started:

Can I Do Crossword Puzzles Online?

You don’t need a pen and paper to enjoy a crossword puzzle. There are many websites where you do crossword puzzles online, and because they are on your computer, they are typically easy to read. Plus, you can often compete against people from all over the world. puts out a free online crossword puzzle every day. Some other websites that have free online crossword puzzles include:

Want to make your own online crossword puzzle? You can do just that at Crossword Labs and challenge your friends.

What Is the Best Free Crossword Puzzle App?

There are many crossword puzzle apps available for both Apple and Android devices that allow you to take your crossword puzzle playing with you wherever you go. Crossword puzzle apps come in handy when you don’t have a good enough internet signal to play online. 

The New York Times, home of perhaps the most famous daily crossword puzzle, has an app that allows you to play the same crossword puzzle printed in that day’s newspaper. 

Other good crossword puzzle apps include:

  • Wordscapes
  • World’s Biggest Crossword
  • Crossword Light
  • Word Cross
  • Word Charm Crossword
  • One Clue Crossword
  • Alphacross Crossword
  • Clean crosswords

Each of the above crossword puzzle apps is available for free in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. 

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