Does Medicare Cover Vitamins?

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  • Does Medicare cover vitamins? Find out the answer and learn which conditions doctors might recommend vitamins for as part of an ongoing treatment plan.

Some people choose to use vitamin supplements as part of their daily wellness routine while others might be required to take them as a result of a medical condition. Your health status and specific insurance plan impact whether you qualify for Medicare coverage for vitamins.

Keep reading to find out if you can claim for supplements on your Medicare plan, discover which vitamins are more likely to get approved and which conditions they might be relevant to.  

Does Medicare Cover Vitamins?

Medicare Part B or Part D vitamin coverage is generally only present in the context of a medical diagnosis and recommendation by a physician, but some Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans may cover additional vitamin supplements.

Let's take a look at some instances where Medicare might cover vitamin supplementation:

  • Vitamin D and calcium are backed by evidence as being useful for conditions such as low bone density. A doctor may prescribe them for certain conditions, such as low calcium levels and bone disease.
  • Niacin is approved for prescription by the FDA for dyslipidemia and isn't universally excluded from Medicare coverage.
  • Part B Medicare coverage includes specific vitamins and supplements for pregnant women if they're recommended by a physician.
  • Fluoride preparations when prescribed by a medical professional.
  • Growth hormone and megestrol acetate for the treatment of certain AIDS-related conditions.
  • Medicare Part A covers mineral supplementation for potentially life threatening electrolyte imbalances.

Is Vitamin Supplementation Covered by Medicare?

Supplementation that isn't recommended by a doctor probably won't be covered by Medicare. If you do have a disease that requires treatment from evidence-backed vitamin supplements, you might be eligible for coverage under Medicare. 

Does Medicare Cover Medical Nutrition Therapy?

If you have kidney disease or diabetes, you might be entitled to free nutrition therapy services under Medicare Part B, which includes:

  • Initial lifestyle and nutrition assessment
  • Group or individual therapy
  • Assistance managing certain lifestyle factors, potentially including vitamin supplementation
  • Follow-up visits 

Additional Supplements and Vitamins

Certain Medicare Part D plans from private, Medicare-approved insurance providers may offer additional coverage for vitamin supplementation. Each individual plan includes a list of the medications you're entitled to claim for under your plan. However, most vitamins aren't covered under any Medicare plan. 

The main exceptions are enhanced or alternative coverage plans, which may contain additional items that go over and above the scope of standard Medicare plans. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to find out whether your course of treatment is covered by your insurance plan.

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