Does Kaiser Cover Life Alert? Learn About Lively Mobile Plus.

Digital health assistants provide caregivers and adult children with a way to check on the well-being of older adults. They can also give people living alone a lifeline to assistance in the event of an emergency. Some health insurance providers have included life alert systems in their suite of preventative care tools.

This technology is offered by various companies, and Kaiser has partnered with one to help seniors live safely in their homes for as long as possible.

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Does Kaiser Cover Life Alert?

Through the Kaiser Permanente Medicare Affinity Program, older adults can get a life alert product at a discounted rate. Kaiser has partnered with Best Buy to arrange the cost savings for Kaiser enrollees who are also receiving Medicare benefits.  Lively Mobile Plus is the system that Kaiser offers, and it comes with a discounted startup fee and a choice of two affordable monthly plans.

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How Life Alert Units Benefit Older Adults

Seniors who wish to age in place in their own homes sometimes need assistance due to chronic conditions. Lively Mobile Plus is a portable unit that can be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt. It provides two-way communication between seniors and emergency services at any time of the day or night. With the press of a button, older adults can get help, and Lively Mobile Plus works at home or anywhere in the community.

Lively Mobile Plus Personal Emergency Response System

The small two-way communication device is waterproof and easy to wear as a pendant or on a belt. A trained urgent care responder is available 24/7 to assess the situation and send emergency help if needed. Wearers can also ask that a family member be contacted in an urgent situation, and emergency responders have immediate access to the user’s medical records. Kaiser life alert coverage can help older adults stay independent for longer.

Better Than a Mobile Phone

Lively Mobile Plus offers seniors more security than a mobile phone can. No dialing is necessary, and with the push of a button, someone is always at the other end of the line to provide immediate help. The Link smartphone app also connects the module with the wearer’s smartphone. With the app, users have access to current information from Kaiser Permanente and can easily find doctors and clinic locations. And with the user’s permission, family members or caregivers can keep track of their loved one’s location in case of an emergency.

Are Lively Mobile Plus Upgrades Available?

Yes, and fall detection is included with the Lively Mobile Plus upgraded plan. The water-resistant unit can be worn in the tub or shower, where most falls take place. This upgrade also connects users to Kaiser Permanente Member Assistance, a team of agents available to help find Kaiser services or connect enrollees with a member services representative. Seniors also get wellness and health care enrollment reminders and public service announcements with upgraded service.

What Other Non-Medical Aids Are Available From Kaiser?

Through Kaiser’s ChooseHealthy Program, other non-medical life aids are offered at a discounted rate for members. These resources include discounts on chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy. If these services aren’t covered under a person’s Kaiser insurance plan, the individual can take advantage of reduced rates through the program. Kaiser also partners with other providers to offer discounts on fitness classes and exercise gear.

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