Does Cigna Cover Life Alert?

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  • Life Alert systems help you access emergency assistance. Find out whether Cigna covers Life Alert or other comparable products and which plans include it.

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Life Alert is a type of medical alert system. The system allows older adults to push a button and alert the emergency services if they experience a fall or medical emergency at home or out and about. Purchasing Life Alert or a similar system can help prevent serious injury or illness and help older adults feel more confident while living independently. 

While many seniors feel that Life Alert is essential for maintaining their health and well-being, not all insurance plans include it as a covered benefit. This article explores whether the well-known insurer Cigna covers Life Alert or comparable systems. 

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Does Cigna Cover Life Alert?

Cigna sells Medicare Advantage policies called Cigna-HealthSpring plans. While some Cigna plans cover products like Life Alert, all Cigna-HealthSpring enrollees are eligible for discounts on a medical alert system. Which type of system your discount covers depends on your plan and availability in your area, and you might not receive coverage or a discount on the Life Alert brand. 

If your Cigna plan doesn't cover Life Alert, your discount doesn't work as insurance. Instead, it supplements your coverage, and enrollees must pay the full cost of their system minus the discount. All Cigna-HealthSpring plans also come with discounts on additional products and services, such as:

  • Hearing aids
  • Glasses
  • Home meal deliveries
  • Wellness products

Does Cigna Cover Medical Devices?

All Medicare Advantage plans must include the same benefits as Original Medicare. Therefore, your Cigna plan will cover any durable medical equipment (DME) covered by Medicare Plan B. 

Does Medicare Cover Life Alert?

Original Medicare Part B covers medically necessary DME. However, medical alert systems like Life Alert don't usually qualify as DME because they don't treat or monitor a specific health condition. 

However, you might receive coverage for Life Alert or a similar system if you purchase a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C). Medicare Advantage plans replace your Original Medicare coverage and may offer other benefits not found in Original Medicare. 

You can purchase these plans through a private insurer like Cigna, and companies can decide whether to cover Life Alert. 

Your insurer may require proof that a medical alert system like Life Alert is medically necessary before approving coverage. Eligibility requirements vary significantly by provider, but you may qualify if you have a medical condition that makes falls or accidents more likely. 

Does Medicaid Cover Life Alert?

Medicaid may cover medical alert systems like Life Alert through the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program. This program funds services and products that enable older adults to live in their own homes instead of residential care settings, so it may cover Life Alert if it helps you stay safe while living at home. However, not all states participate in the MFP program. 

Many states have Medicaid waiver programs that waive eligibility requirements for essential products and services that allow older adults to live independently. Therefore, you might qualify for Life Alert coverage even though most states don't cover medical alert systems as standard. The level and availability of waiver coverage vary by state, and your State Medicaid Agency can tell you if you're likely to qualify for a medical alert system.

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