Does Cigna Cover Home Health Care?

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  • Some Cigna Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans cover home health care services and items, many of which may or may not be covered by Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B). Learn more about Cigna Medicare home health care coverage and find a plan in your area that covers the caregiving benefits you need.

Home health care is made up of a wide variety of health care services that are administered in the home and can even include items designed to help someone age in place at home.

Some Cigna Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans cover home health care services and items, many of which may or may not be covered by Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B). 

Plan benefits and availability can vary, so it’s helpful to compare plans online to find out what benefits are available where you live.

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What Home Health Care Can a Cigna Medicare Plan Pay For in 2023?

Medicare Advantage plans like the ones offered by Cigna cover everything that Original Medicare covers. Most plans also cover additional benefits that aren’t available with Medicare Part B or Part A. Some of these additional benefits can include prescription drug coverage, dental, hearing, vision, transportation, and more.

Below we list some of the home health care and caregiving benefits offered by some Cigna Medicare plans.

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care is care that requires a minimum level of training and experience to do, such as administering an IV, injectable medications or feeding tube, managing prescription drugs, taking care of wounds and bandages and more.

This type of care is generally executed by a nurse or other trained health care provider and can be covered in a person’s home as well as a nursing home or skilled nursing facility.

Inpatient care at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is covered by Medicare Part A, which means all Cigna Medicare Advantage plans also cover it. Many plans may also offer additional coverage, so check with your plan evidence of coverage to learn more.


Caregiving differs from skilled nursing care in that caregiving typically involves personal care or “custodial” care. This is non-skilled care that can be performed by a friend or family member and includes things like assistance with mobility, bathing, eating and dressing. 

Home health aide” refers to a caregiver who has some training, also referred to as a “caretaker.” Some states require caregiving duties to be administered by a licensed home health aide to qualify for insurance coverage. 

Cigna can cover the cost of services provided by a home health agency for those who meet certain conditions. 


Physical therapy is designed to help someone get back on their feet after an injury or operation. Occupational therapy helps improve or maintain the ability to carry out activities of daily living like dressing and bathing. And speech language therapy focuses on speaking and swallowing. 

All three types of therapy can be covered when administered at home. 

Social Services

Counseling for mental and emotional distress is a type of home health care that is commonly covered. 

Meals And Meal Delivery

A patient who returns home after a stint in a hospital or skilled nursing facility can often have fresh meals delivered to their home and covered by insurance. Other potential benefits include in-home meal preparation, grocery shopping assistance and discounts on healthy food options. 

Cigna partners with GA Foods to offer coverage of 14 delivered meals after each qualifying inpatient stay. 

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Hospice And Respite Care

Home hospice care is covered by Cigna Medicare Advantage plans for qualifying individuals. Respite care may be available to caregivers and caretakers performing hospice care in the individual’s home. 

Home Modifications

Certain insurance and Medicare Advantage plans will cover the installation of a wheelchair ramp, grab bars and other modifications made to a home that promote safety and the ability to age in place. 

Durable Medical Equipment 

Durable medical equipment (DME) includes things like walkers, canes and other items designed to be used primarily in the home. 

Covered items can even extend to things like air conditioners for people with asthma. You can view a complete list of medical equipment and supplies covered by Cigna.  


A growing number of plans will provide coverage for non-emergency medical transportation, such as taking a public train to a doctor’s office or using a ride-sharing service to visit a pharmacy.

Cigna Medicare Advantage plans can cover transportation of up to 60 miles arranged through a Cigna transportation partner organization. 


The use of telehealth surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people used home computers, tablets and smartphone to conduct virtual appointments with healthcare providers. Telehealth coverage is an included benefit in many private plans. 

Cigna plans provide a 24/7 hotline where you can consult with a board-certified doctor at any time about minor medical issues. 

Fitness And Wellness Programs

Cigna Medicare Advantage plans often include a free membership to Silver&Fit, which is a fitness and wellness program with the opportunity to participate from home. 

Home Delivery Of Drugs And Other Items

Many insurance plans now offer home delivery of covered medications and even some over-the-counter items purchased from a pharmacy or online catalog. Cigna offers just such a service, and you can view the online Cigna pharmacy catalog.

Find a Cigna Medicare Plan That Helps Cover Home Health Care

Your health care needs can change from one year to the next, and so too can your health insurance. You can compare plans online or call to speak with a licensed insurance agent who can help you review the different Medicare Advantage plans available in your area so you can compare the home health care benefits of each and make the right decision for your care going forward. 

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