Does Cigna Cover Flu Shots?

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  • Cigna Medicare Advantage plans cover flu shots, as do all Medicare Part C plans. Flu shots are required to be covered by all health insurance plans in America, including those sold by Cigna.

Flu season prompts a lot of people to check their insurance benefits to see if a flu shot is covered. But you shouldn’t need to worry, as flu vaccines are required by the Affordable Care Act to be covered by insurance plans, those offered by Cigna.

All Cigna Medicare Advantage plans cover flu shots, as well. All Medicare Advantage plans (also called Medicare Part C) are required to cover everything that’s covered by Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B). Most Cigna Medicare Advantage plans also cover additional benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as prescription drug coverage, vision, hearing, dental, transportation, gym memberships and more.

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How Do I Get a Flu Shot Covered by Cigna?

You can use the flu shot finder tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to find a flu shot provider location near you.

Once you find some flu shot locations near you, you can cross reference those with the pharmacies and health care providers in the Cigna provider search tool to see if they are part of the Cigna preferred network.

In order to have your flu shot covered in full by some Medicare Advantage plans, you may need to receive it from a provider in the Cigna network. The provider search tool will let you know which nearby doctors, clinics and pharmacies will accept your Cigna plan for optimal coverage of your flu shot.

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When Do Cigna Medicare Plans Pay for Flu Shots?

Not only are flu shots covered by Cigna, but you should have the opportunity to receive your flu shot at no cost by visiting a participating Cigna provider and meeting certain other restrictions of your plan.

Flu shots are just one of the preventive care services that you can expect to be covered in full by a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan. Other examples of preventive care covered by Cigna include:

  • Additional vaccines like hepatitis, measles, pneumococcal, shingles and more
  • Annual check-ups
  • Mammograms 
  • Colonoscopies
  • Various screenings

Medicare Advantage plans are required by federal law to include at least all Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. And any services or items covered in full by Medicare must also be covered in full by Medicare Advantage plans. 

Medicare Part B provides full coverage of the flu vaccine when administered by a health care provider who accepts Medicare assignment. And that means Medicare Advantage plans must do the same.

For more information about the flu and flu vaccine, consult our Complete Guide to the Flu Vaccine.  

How Do I Sign Up for a Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan?

You can contact a licensed insurance agent to learn more about Cigna Medicare Advantage plans and how they can cover a flu shot and other benefits. You can also compare plans online to see what benefits they offer, how much they cost, what drugs they may cover and more.

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