How To Stop Medicare Phone Calls

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  • If you've been receiving unwanted phone calls, there's a way to stop them. Keep reading to learn how to stop Medicare phone calls from disrupting your day.

If you're enrolled in Medicare or receive Social Security benefits, it's important to know that Medicare and Social Security never ask for information over the phone. If one of these organizations needs information to process your application or pay out your benefits, they'll send you a letter via postal mail.

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop third parties from making Medicare-related calls. If these calls are bothersome, you can have your telephone number added to the national Do Not Call list. Keep reading to learn more about how to stop Medicare calls from interrupting your day.

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Why Am I Getting So Many Phone Calls About Medicare?

As you get closer to age 65, which is when you become eligible for Medicare, you may start to receive repeated calls about the government insurance program. Medicare scammers will use telemarketing tactics to get you to enroll in "better" health insurance plans. Scammers will usually call during the open enrollment period in the fall.

Some of these calls are legitimate. For example, you may receive a call from an insurance company trying to promote its Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans. You may receive legitimate phone calls from a licensed insurance agent if you've indicated interest in a plan, such as by filling out an online form asking for more information.

Even if the call comes from a reputable company, Medicare calls can be annoying, especially when you receive multiple calls per day.

Scammers also use the Medicare program to connect with older adults and try to talk them into buying overpriced products or signing up for services they don't need. The most unscrupulous scammers use Medicare calls to gather information that can be used to commit identity theft.

Always Remember: You will not be called from Medicare or a carrier unless you have reached out to them asking for more information. If you receive calls unsolicited, then it is a scam and not an actual medicare assist call!

Medicare Telemarketing Calls

Telemarketers solicit sales by contacting prospective customers via telephone. Some telemarketers use the Medicare program as a way to connect with the people they call. For example, a medical supply company may contact people who are about to become eligible for Medicare and try to convince them to purchase a variety of medical supplies.

These callers aren't breaking the law, but their Medicare-related calls can be disruptive, especially if they call while you're eating or spending time with loved ones.

Medicare Scam Calls

Medicare scam calls are both annoying and dangerous. Not only do these calls disrupt your day, but they can also be used to gather information that can be used to commit crimes. For example, if a caller poses as a Medicare representative, they may ask for your birthdate, Social Security number, full name and address. This information can be used to open credit cards or take out personal loans in your name.

Scammers tend to call when there's a change in the Medicare program, such as an increase in the monthly Part B premium or updates to Medicare coverage guidelines. They may also call during
open enrollment, which is when people are most likely to be thinking about switching Medicare plans.

To protect yourself against scammers,
never give out your personal information to someone who calls you on the telephone. If you need a new ID card or have questions about your coverage, call (800) 633-4227 to speak with a Medicare representative.

Have Medicare questions?

Talk to a licensed agent today to find a plan that fits your needs.

Medicare Robocalls

Robocalls are automated telephone calls that are programmed to deliver a recorded message. These calls are especially annoying because they may come in throughout the day. There isn't a real person on the other end, so you can't ask to be taken off the call list.

This is when it's helpful to know how to stop Medicare phone calls. If you add your telephone number to the Do Not Call list, robocalls from legitimate companies are likely to stop.

Medicare Reward Calls

A Medicare Reward call typically involves a phone call offering enticing incentives related to Medicare benefits. Unfortunately, Medicare Reward calls often prove to be scams.

It's vital to exercise caution and refrain from revealing personal details over the phone, such as your name, birthdate, social security number, or any account number. Always prioritize your security and avoid falling victim to potential scams.

How To Stop Medicare Phone Calls

Start by registering your telephone number on the Do Not Call Registry. Dial (888) 382-1222 to initiate the process, make sure you call from the phone number you intend to add to the list. Don't forget to enroll both your landline and cell phone numbers.

If you have an email account, you can also register for the Do Not Call Registry online. Once your telephone number has been on the list for 31 days, you can start reporting unwanted sales calls. The 31-day grace period gives legitimate companies a chance to remove your number from their call lists.

Adding your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry will cut down on unwanted sales calls from legitimate companies, but scammers don't usually care about following the law. To reduce the number of scam calls you have to deal with, install a call blocker on your smartphone. Your telephone company may also offer a
robocall blocking service for your landline.

Reporting Medicare Calls

If someone calls you and claims to be from Medicare, you can report the call to the Federal Trade Commission. To do so, use the FTC Complaint Assistant to report a government impersonator.

Once you file a complaint, continue being vigilant about Medicare-related calls. Never give out your personal information or sign up for any online service that hasn't been thoroughly vetted.

If you enroll in a legitimate service, be sure to check the terms of use to find out how your contact information will be used.

How Do I Contact Medicare?

If you have questions about Medicare, call 1-800-MEDICARE (633-4227). To apply for Medicare coverage, contact the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.

How Can You Tell if You're Dealing With a Medicare Telemarketing Call?

There are a few ways to tell if you're dealing with a Medicare telemarketing call. One major hint is that the caller is from a company that doesn't have your permission to contact you.

The use of a recorded message is also a hint that you're dealing with a telemarketer. The message may ask you to press 1 to be removed from the calling list or tell you that you have unpaid tax debt.

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