Is Combined Insurance Life Insurance Right for You?

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  • Learn about Combined Insurance's range of supplemental life, health, accident and disability insurance products, including what its customers are saying.

Combined Insurance is a life, health and disability insurance provider that sells supplemental policies. Its supplemental plans could be a great option if you have existing coverage, but they're not right for everyone. Below, you can find out what products Combined Insurance offers and the company's pros and cons. 

About Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance is a subsidiary of Chubb, a company that sells property and casualty insurance products. Combined Insurance has been trading for over 100 years and specializes in individual and group supplemental insurance policies. It also sells health, accident and disability policies alongside its life insurance products.

What Life Insurance Products Does Combined Insurance Offer?

Life Insurance

Combined Insurance sells one supplemental life insurance plan called Family Life Protector. It's designed to complement your existing policy if you need extra coverage and accepts enrollees between the ages of 0 and 75. The policy offers a death benefit between $5,000 and $100,000.

Combined Insurance's Family Life Protector policy is a whole life insurance product. This means that your beneficiaries receive a death benefit no matter what your age when you die, provided that you're up to date with your premium payments. The policy excludes death by suicide for the first two years or the first year if you live in Colorado or North Dakota. You can choose to add optional riders to your account for an extra fee:

  • Accidental death benefit (ages 0-59)
  • Child accidental death (only available with child term rider)
  • Child term (issued between 11 days and 22 years old only; expires at age 23)

Supplemental Health Insurance

Combined Insurance sells three supplemental health care plans designed to top up your existing coverage. 

  • Cancer Protector: This plan pays out a lump-sum benefit if you're diagnosed with cancer to help you cover your living expenses and other costs.

  • Cancer Care Protector: This plan pays out cash benefits to help you cover the costs of treatment or recovery when you receive a covered cancer diagnosis. It does not pay out if you are diagnosed with cancer but don't undergo covered treatment.

  • Critical Care Protector: Critical Care Protector policies pay out up to $50,000, depending on your chosen coverage. The company pays enrollees a lump sum when they're diagnosed or treated for a covered condition, such as a heart attack or stroke. The plan excludes all skin cancers except malignant melanoma and requires the enrollee to survive for at least 14 days following the covered event in certain states.

Accident Insurance

Combined Insurance sells one accident insurance plan called Accident Protector. You can purchase an Accident Protector plan as an individual or to cover you and your immediate family. It provides cash benefits if you or a member of your family is accidentally injured to cover medical treatment, hospital stays or medical appliances. It doesn't cover financial losses due to illness. 

Disability Insurance

Combined Insurance offers a disability insurance product called Income Protector. It can partially or fully replace your income if you find yourself disabled and unable to work because of an illness or accident. How much of your monthly income you receive depends on your chosen coverage level. The plan pays out even if you're an employee, and you can receive payments for up to two years. Combined Insurance doesn't limit what you can spend your income protector insurance benefits on. 

The Pros and Cons of Combined Insurance

The primary advantage of Combined Insurance life insurance policies is that they can help you fill gaps in your existing plan. They could be a good option if you want to ensure comprehensive life, health, accident or disability coverage. The company has a well-established industry reputation and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

However, Combined Insurance's product range is relatively limited, and its policies are only intended to supplement an existing plan. It doesn't offer term life insurance plans or provide a choice of universal or whole life policies.

Combined Insurance Reviews: What People Are Saying

According to customer reviews on the BBB website, many reviewers note that Combined Insurance handles claims swiftly and fairly. Several reviews also mention Combined Insurance's strong customer service and say its agents are responsive and helpful when they have questions or need to file a claim.

Some customers state that Combined Insurance was slow to communicate after they filed a claim. However, the company's representative is highly responsive to poor feedback and invites dissatisfied clients to get in touch to resolve issues. 

Is a Combined Insurance Life Insurance Policy Right for You?

A Combined Insurance life insurance policy could be a good choice for you if you want supplemental coverage to bridge gaps in your existing policy. The company offers free quotes through its website, making it easy to evaluate whether the plans are suitable and affordable. 

However, Combined Insurance's limited product range means that not everyone will be able to purchase the coverage they need. Its policies won't be suitable if you don't have an existing life insurance plan or want to purchase term or universal life insurance. 

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