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  • CSAA is part of the AAA family, providing insurance to group members. Learn what CSAA Insurance and the AAA family of companies can offer insurance shoppers.

Formerly referred to as the California State Automobile Association, CSAA is now part of the AAA family, providing insurance to the organization's members. Although the company primarily offers auto policies, CSAA customers can get life insurance coverage through AAA and its subsidiaries. Keep reading to learn what CSAA Insurance and the AAA family of companies can offer consumers looking for coverage.

About CSAA Insurance

Founded in 1914 as an automobile insurance company, CSAA is now part of the AAA family of businesses. These companies sell insurance products, including life insurance, to consumers with a wide range of coverage needs and budgets. Currently, AAA has more than 60 million members who have access to its insurance offerings, travel services and roadside protection options.

What Life Insurance Products Does CSAA Insurance Offer?

CSAA is primarily known for automobile insurance and related types of policies. Its coverage options in this category may include:

  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage pays for repairs if your vehicle is damaged in an accident, regardless of fault. If an insurance adjuster declares the vehicle a complete loss, CSAA typically pays the current value of the car.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive insurance pays for repairs or replacement of a car that's damaged by a covered peril, such as theft, fire or extreme weather. Unlike collision coverage, it doesn’t cover a car if it’s hit by another vehicle.
  • Medical coverage: CSAA’s MedPay insurance covers drivers and passengers who are injured in a car accident, regardless of fault. Coverage may also include the cost of medical care if you’re involved in an accident in someone else’s car or you’ve been struck by a vehicle while walking or cycling.
  • Property damage and bodily injury liability coverage: This coverage pays for repairs or medical care if you’ve caused property damage or injured someone. It may also cover legal expenses if you’re named in an accident-related lawsuit.
  • Underinsured motor vehicle coverage: If you’re involved in an accident and the driver at fault doesn’t have sufficient coverage to pay for the associated repairs or medical bills, underinsured motor vehicle coverage kicks in. Coverage may extend to lost wages.
  • Rideshare coverage: Rideshare coverage safeguards Uber, Lyft and other rideshare service drivers. Although these companies typically supply rideshare insurance, drivers may have gaps in coverage. Rideshare insurance fills these gaps and provides extra protection on top of the rideshare company’s policy.
  • Gap insurance: Depending on where you live, CSAA may also offer gap insurance, which pays the difference between your car’s value and the amount remaining on your auto loan if your car is declared a total loss.

Life Insurance Products

Through CSAA’s parent company, AAA, consumers may also purchase life insurance coverage. Types of policies available include:

  • Traditional term life insurance: Traditional term policies offer coverage ranging from $100,000 to more than $5 million, with 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-year terms. Consumers may add on an optional return-of-premium rider, which returns up to 100% of their premium payments if they outlive the policy.
  • ExpressTerm life insurance: Unlike many of AAA’s other policies, ExpressTerm life insurance can be purchased online. Coverage ranges between $25,000 and $500,000, with 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-year terms. Qualified applicants may be approved within minutes without a medical exam. However, if additional information is needed for approval, the company may require a short medical exam.
  • Whole life insurance: This permanent insurance offers coverage ranging from $5,000 to $75,000 to applicants between the ages of 18 and 85. Policies feature a cash value component, and premium prices are locked in at the time of purchase. Depending on the amount of coverage requested, a health questionnaire or medical exam may be required for approval. Policyholders may customize their coverage through riders, such as accidental death benefits, a disability waiver-of-premium rider and child term coverage.
  • Guaranteed-issue whole life insurance: AAA’s guaranteed-issue whole life plans offer modest death benefits, with coverage up to $25,000, making them ideal for covering the cost of final expenses. These policies feature level premiums and a cash-value component that accrues value over the plan’s lifetime. Approval is quick, and applicants don't need to answer medical questions or undergo a physical exam.
  • LifeTime universal life insurance: Universal life insurance coverage ranging from $100,000 to more than $5 million is available to applicants between the ages of 18 and 85. Premiums may be level or flexible, and policies typically have a cash value sub-account. The company usually requires a health screening prior to approval. Riders are available for consumers who wish to purchase additional benefits.
  • Accumulator universal life: Accumulator universal life plans are designed for flexibility and provide lifelong coverage that includes supplemental retirement income and a death benefit. Coverage starts at $100,000, and premiums may be adjusted to accommodate changing financial needs. Consumers may purchase additional benefits through riders, such as accidental death, travel accident and child term coverage.

The Pros and Cons of CSAA Insurance

Because CSAA is a part of the AAA family of companies, its customers can reap the benefits of this large membership-driven organization. Consumers can get online quotes for various insurance products, and some products may be purchased online. Plus, because AAA is a membership-based organization, it can offer competitive group rates, so members can get exceptional coverage options at reasonable prices. AAA also offers plenty of discounts, including multiple-policy bundling. However, shoppers should note that AAA’s policies often need to be purchased through local insurance agents, and for some plans, membership is required prior to purchase.

CSAA Reviews: What People Are Saying

Because CSAA insurance is purchased through AAA, it’s helpful to look at consumer reviews of the parent organization. Reviewers who’ve had positive experiences note AAA’s responsiveness and the care that it takes throughout the claims process. However, other reviewers cited less positive experiences that involved poor communication from the customer service team and frequent claims denials.

Is a CSAA Life Insurance Policy Right for You?

Although CSAA doesn’t sell life insurance directly, policies are available through its parent company, AAA. Customers looking for competitive rates and plenty of plan options may want to consider purchasing a policy through this well-known organization. The company also offers several modest coverage options that don’t involve medical examinations or health questionnaires, making these policies ideal for individuals who are at risk of denial due to personal health concerns or a family history of illness.

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