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  • Find out about the best Bluetooth hearing aids for 2022. Discover how each model connects to different devices for a better all-around hearing experience.

Hearing loss can affect you differently depending on the situation — that's where the best Bluetooth hearing aids can help.

Some models connect to your phone for quick, real-time sound adjustments. Others stream audio directly from Bluetooth devices, so you can listen to music, podcasts, phone calls or TV shows right through the hearing aid.

The best bluetooth hearing aid models are discreet, powerful and easy to use in your everyday life.

What Are the Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

1. Phonak Virto Marvel

If you're looking for a discreet Bluetooth hearing aid, the Phonak Virto Marvel may be the right choice. This tiny device fits neatly into your ear like an earbud for a modern, low-key look. Choose from a variety of base colors, and customize the design with a colorful shell.

The Virto Marvel's integrated Bluetooth technology streams audio from your phone to the hearing aids, so you can take phone calls or listen to music. If you struggle to hear the TV, the included AirStream feature makes it easy to listen to your home theater system or television. 

Once your Virto Marvel hearing aids arrive, you can connect them to the myPhonak app. From there, it's easy to adjust the volume, allow remote access for technicians and track your hearing levels. 

2. Phonak Audéo Paradise

The Phonak Audéo Paradise is a high-end hearing aid that's loaded with features. It connects to almost any Bluetooth device, including your phone, TV and tablet. The built-in voice assistant streamlines common tasks, and the sensitive microphone creates clear, crisp speech when you're on the phone.

This hearing aid comes in six different models, most designed to suit mild to profound hearing loss. Connect the myPhonak app to change the Dynamic Noise Cancellation settings to suit any situation. While the Audéo Paradise is larger than the Virto Marvel, it comes in eight colors to match a range of skin tones.

3. Eargo 6

Compact and lightweight, the Eargo 6 is designed to disappear in your ear. It's so small, in fact, that it looks invisible. This small size does come with a sacrifice — the hearing aids have limited Bluetooth capabilities. You can connect to the Eargo app to adjust levels, choose preset programs and make adjustments on the go. However, you won't be able to stream audio or phone calls.

As with all the brand's
hearing aids, the Eargo 6 is only suitable if you have high-frequency hearing loss that's mild or moderate. Sound Adjust technology detects noise in your environment and adapts on the fly to give you the best possible audio.

4. Lively 2 Pro

The Lively 2 Pro sits behind your ear, offering an unassuming look. It uses sophisticated technology to analyze your surroundings and adjust quickly, creating a hearing experience that feels both immersive and natural. It's particularly good for conversations; the hearing aids prioritize speech, even in a busy restaurant or noisy outdoor setting. If you need to make a change, the Lively app allows you to adjust settings with a few taps.

Lively 2 Pro hearing aids come with Bluetooth for fast, easy connections. They're "Made for iPhone," which means that pairing is a breeze. If you have an iPhone 11 or newer, you can even make hands-free calls. Keep in mind that many other phones, including Androids, require you to buy the separate Phone Clip+ for hands-free calling.

5. Livio AI

As you might guess from the name, the Livio AI is equipped with artificial intelligence. This unique feature enables the hearing aids to learn your patterns; that way, it can adjust the audio levels instantly for an optimized experience. The AI also offers voice transcription, and if it detects that you've fallen, it can even call your emergency contacts. The Livio AI is designed for a variety of hearing types, including single-sided hearing loss and varying levels of hearing loss in each ear. 

While these hearing aids come with Bluetooth,
compatibility is not universal. They offer streaming audio on most iPhone models, as long as you're running iOS 14 or 15. If you want two-way audio, you'll need an iPhone 11 Pro or newer. Android connectivity is more limited; many devices support streaming audio, but a few require a separate accessory. Androids do not support two-way audio as of 2022.

6. Oticon More

The Oticon More isn't a basic Bluetooth hearing aid — its chip is embedded with a deep neural network (DNN) that features 12 million real sounds. BrainHearing technology uses these sounds to give your brain crucial information, which results in clear, easily understandable speech in a range of environments.

Built-in Bluetooth enables you to connect to a range of devices. With the Oticon TV adapter, you can stream audio from your television. Currently, the Oticon More supports hands-free calling on a selection of Apple and Android phones. If your phone isn't compatible, you can buy the brand's ConnectClip to add this feature.

7. Lexie Lumen

If you're on a budget, the Lexie Lumen is one of the best Bluetooth hearing aids at $799 per pair. This affordable model comes with a range of essential features, including noise reduction technology, directional microphones and crisp, clear audio. If you're active, the sweat-proof coating may be a welcome addition.

The Bluetooth functionality on the Lexie Lumen is limited; it connects to your phone, so you can tweak the frequency, volume and environment settings. The app is simple and intuitive, so it's easy to use, regardless of your tech experience. If you have a question, you can connect to a Lexie technician for assistance and remote adjustments.

8. Signia Pure

The Signia Pure hearing aids are designed for exceptional connectivity — you can use the Bluetooth to stream music, make phone calls or listen to TV shows. There are a few models to choose from, each offering hands-free calling for iPhones. The devices themselves are small and lightweight, so they sit behind your ears without getting in the way.

If you need extra help hearing other people speak, the Pure models with Augmented Xperience technology could be the right fit. They enhance speech and your own voice for better understanding and lower listening effort.

9. MDHearing VOLT MAX

The MDHearing VOLT MAX hearing aids offer an affordable price tag and Bluetooth connectivity. Like other budget-friendly models, they connect to a smartphone app, but they don't offer streaming audio. Within the MDHearing app, you can check your hearing and create custom levels, all without visiting a doctor. For fine-tuning, just use the app to reach out to a support technician; the hearing aids come with lifetime access.

With smart noise reduction and two built-in directional microphones, the VOLT MAX hearing aids are made for comfortable hearing in any environment.

Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Connect Automatically?

The first time you use your Bluetooth hearing aids, you'll probably need to go through a pairing process. After that, most models connect to your phone automatically.

Some hearing aids can store multiple Bluetooth devices for fast, hassle-free connections to your phone, tablet and TV. 

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