Does Cigna Cover Hearing Aids?

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  • Find out if Cigna covers hearing aids, and learn about some of the benefits your policy may offer. Discover how your state and county can affect benefits.

Certain plans from Cigna cover hearing aids, but benefits can vary based on your location and type of insurance. Some Cigna Medicare Advantage plans include hearing care as a supplemental benefit. For many policies, Cigna works with Hearing Care Solutions to administer these benefits.

Find out more about Cigna Medicare Advantage plans that pay for hearing aids, how much the plans cost, how to find and enroll in a plan and more. You can request a free Cigna Medicare Advantage plan quote online or call to chat with a licensed insurance agent to find the plans available where you live.

What Hearing Aid Benefits Do Cigna Plans Offer?

Every Cigna insurance plan is different; some offer hearing aid benefits, while others do not. If you already have a Cigna plan, look for specific benefits on the Evidence of Coverage statement. If not, read the insurance quote carefully to find hearing care coverage limits and exclusions. Hearing aid benefits may not be available in every state or county.

Some of the benefits a Cigna plan may offer are:

  • Hearing exams: You may be limited to one per year.

  • Hearing aid fitting: This benefit enables you to get evaluated and fitted for hearing aids. Your plan may cover multiple fitting appointments, if necessary.

  • Hearing aids: Some Cigna plans cover or offset the price of one or two hearing aids.

  • Evaluation period: This period, which is typically up to 60 days, allows you to try the hearing aid risk-free.

  • If your hearing aid can't be recharged, Cigna may cover a supply of batteries.

For Cigna Medicare Advantage plans, the evaluation and fitting appointments are often available without a copay; however, additional hearing exams often come with a small copay. Bear in mind that your location and plan type is likely to affect your copay. Premium plans may not require any out-of-pocket costs.

Most Cigna plans have a coverage limit. For 2024, some Cigna Medicare Advantage plans may cover a set amount for each hearing aid every three years. If you want more expensive devices, you may be responsible for the additional cost. 

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Does Cigna Cover Hearing Aids From My Preferred Brand?

Brand restrictions depend on your individual plan. For many plans, Cigna uses a hearing health vendor called Hearing Care Solutions. If that's true for your policy, you may be able to choose from nine brands:

  • Beltone
  • Starkey
  • Signia
  • Rexton
  • Widex
  • ReSound
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Unitron

Your hearing provider can help you identify the brand, model and features that suit your needs.

How To Use Cigna Hearing Health Benefits

If you have a Cigna plan with hearing aid benefits, you'll need to find a hearing provider through Hearing Care Solutions. They can help you find an affiliated audiologist in your area.

Once you have a provider, you'll need to schedule a hearing exam, get evaluated for hearing aids and return for a fitting appointment. Depending on your experience, it might be necessary to return for an adjustment. Be sure to verify if multiple fittings are covered by your Cigna plan.

Are Cigna Plans With Hearing Coverage Available in My State?

Cigna plans and hearing benefits are not available in every state. The company offers Medicare Advantage plans in the District of Columbia and 23 other states. Some offerings may be limited to specific counties.

Does Cigna Cover Amplifiers or Assisted Listening Device?

If a Cigna plan offers hearing benefits, coverage is usually limited to hearing aids that you need to wear full-time. The company doesn't usually offer benefits for part-time devices such as amplifiers, assisted listening devices or disposable hearing devices.

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