Does Medicare Cover Glycopyrrolate?

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  • Discover if Medicare plans cover a prescription for glycopyrrolate, a drug used to decrease stomach acid and alleviate ulcer-related symptoms in older adults.

Living with an ulcer can cause an unbearable burning sensation, bloating and nausea in older adults. Glycopyrrolate, a generic drug that helps control the production of stomach acid, may provide relief. Learn about glycopyrrolate and its potential costs under Medicare below.

Basic Drug Information About Glycopyrrolate

Glycopyrrolate helps control ulcer-related discomfort by preventing the creation of excess stomach acid and is often prescribed with other medications. The drug is the generic form of the brand Cuvposa, but was also previously available under the brand name Robinul, which is no longer on the market. Older adults should be aware that the common side effects associated with glycopyrrolate include dry mouth, upset stomach and drowsiness.

Does Medicare Cover Glycopyrrolate?

According to, 97% of Medicare prescription drug plans provide some level of coverage for glycopyrrolate. Medicare beneficiaries can expect to pay anywhere from $0 to $10 for glycopyrrolate in the initial coverage (post-deductible) stage. Some Medicare Advantage plans, also known as split-tier deductible plans, do not require a deductible for drugs listed on Tier 1 or 2. In this case, beneficiaries are only responsible for their applicable cost share for the drug's assigned tier and do not need to satisfy a deductible.

What Tier Drug Is Glycopyrrolate? reports that glycopyrrolate is usually on Tier 2, but beneficiaries should check with their Medicare plan to confirm which on which tier glycopyrrolate falls. Most plans have five tiers, and a drug on Tier 2 will typically be more affordable than those on higher tiers. Additionally, some beneficiaries may qualify for extra help with prescription drug costs, which will further reduce their cost share for glycopyrrolate.

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