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Christian Worstell
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  • Word games are a great way for seniors to keep their brains active. Browse these word games for seniors, and explore the many different formats available for play.

Word games provide more than just fun and entertainment for seniors. Word games like crossword puzzles, word searches and Scrabble can help with memory retention, boost brain function, slow cognitive decline and relieve stress. 

Scientific studies have even shown word puzzles and other brain games to be effective at slowing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. 

Here is a list of some of the best word games for seniors, available as board games, on paper, on the computer and even on your smartphone or tablet. 

Board Games

Many seniors may already be familiar with some of the most popular word games. You can purchase these classic games online or at major retail stores. Or you may even find them collecting dust in your basement. 


The ultimate crossword game using lettered tiles on a board of squares. Scrabble is a multi-player game that promotes friendly competition and socialization. 


A tray of 16 cubic dice containing letters is shaken up, and players must then search for any words created by adjacent tiles. Like Scrabble, Boggle is a multi-player game that is perfect for game nights. 


Upwards is like Scrabble, but players in this game may also stack tiles on top of each other to change or create new words. 

Word Games on Paper

There are no boards or game pieces necessary to have fun and challenge your brain with word games on paper, which come printed on books you can find online and in most major bookstores and retailers. 

Crossword puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good crossword puzzle? There are scores of books containing collections of crossword puzzles, and the New York Times even sells books full of its famous crossword puzzles. 

Word searches 

The same places where you can find crossword puzzle books for sale may also typically have word search books, and many books feature their own theme so you can hunt for words related to a topic of interest.


A cryptogram is a type of word puzzle that consists of a short section of encrypted text that you must decipher and solve. Work out your brain and pretend you’re a top-secret spy at the same time. 

Online Word Games

These word games don’t require you to even leave your computer chair. While any of the above games can be found in an online format (like Scrabble or word searches), there are many more that are more exclusive to the computer. You can even play many of these games against other online players from around the world. 

Below are just a few popular online word games. USA Today has a collection of online word games, as do organizations such as:

To find more online word games, simply perform a search for “online word games” and browse the results. 

Word Mahjong 

Word Mahjong is where Scrabble meets Solitaire. Players must match tiles to clear a board, much like Solitaire, but making a match requires forming a word out of letters. 


Typeshift is an anagram puzzle that combines wordplay with modern game design where players must create words by sliding columns of letters up or down. 

Wander Words

Wander Words is a puzzle game where players trace a path through letters to find words or phrases that correspond to a clue. You may play online through AARP and compete against the top scorers of the week.

Mobile App Word Games

Want to take your word games with you wherever you go? There are many word game apps available for download for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Below are three you might like. 

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a highly popular word game that is like Scrabble, but you can compete against other people from all over the world and keep multiple games going at once. 

Wheel Of Fortune

You don’t need Vanna White and Pat Sajak to play this classic game anytime you wish. Download it to your mobile device for free and spin away. 

Word Connect

Word Connect combines elements of a crossword puzzle with those of a word search and has over 3,000 levels with no time limits. 

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