Kohler Walk-In Tubs Review 2023

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  • Explore our Kohler walk-in tubs review to find Kohler tubs pros and cons, learn what features a Kohler walk-in bathtub offers, compare costs and find out about Kohler walk-in tub installation.

Walk-in bathtubs and showers can play a critical role in helping older adults age in place and remain safe in the home.

Kohler is among the leading manufacturers of walk-in tubs, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of the company and its walk-in tubs below to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Pros and Cons of Kohler Walk-In Tubs


  • No installation
    Kohler will measure your space and install your walk-in tub for you using trained professionals. They will even remove your old tub for you.  

  • All-in-one pricing
    Kohler provides customers with one price that includes the tub, installation, removal of old tub and warranty so there’s no confusion.

  • Includes hand shower
    Kohler’s walk-in tubs come with a hand shower for even easier bathing.

  • High on safety
    Kohler’s walk-in tubs include safety features like textured flooring and seating and low step-in thresholds for maximum safety. 

  • Luxury features
    Kohler walk-in tubs feature things like heated backrests, hydrotherapy jets and fast-drain technology. 


  • No wheelchair accessibility
    Kohler’s tubs are easy to walk into, but they are not designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

  • No ozone systems
    Kohler walk-in tubs do not include an ozone system that kills bacteria and contaminants.

  • Only one model available
    Kohler makes just one model of walk-in tub (albeit in multiple styles), so customers are somewhat limited in their selection.

  • Not available in all areas
    You may or may not be able to find a Kohler walk-in tub where you live. 

What Features Do Kohler Walk-In Bathtubs Offer?

Kohler offers just one standard model of walk-in tub, but it can be resized, modified and accessorized and it comes available in different colors and finishes.

Features of a Kohler walk-in tub include:

  • A seat
  • Therapeutic jets
  • Handheld shower wand
  • Fast-draining technology
  • An ultra-low step-in of just three inches in height
  • Easy grip handrails
  • Entry door that is 20% wider than competitors and has a watertight seal
  • Heated back, neck and seat areas
  • Control panel with buttons for jets and heating spots
  • Textured surfaces on seat and floor to prevent falls
  • Stone bath wall that covers the walls around your tub

How Much Do Kohler Walk-In Tubs Cost

Kohler walk-in tubs can cost as little as $2,000 or as much as $25,000, according to pricing information from the Kohler company website.

Some of the factors that may affect the final purchase price include:

  • Your current bathroom setup and how much modifying will be necessary during the installation process.

  • The style of tub you choose.

  • Any additional features or accessories you wish to incorporate. 

Kohler does not advertise pricing but offers free in-home consultations where a company representative can measure your space, talk you through your options and discuss pricing.

Kohler offers the Kohler Price Promise that guarantees an exact quote that is valid for one year along with a few financing options. 

Where Can I Buy a Kohler Walk-In Bathtub?

You won’t find Kohler walk-in tubs for sale at your local home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Instead, the company uses a network of local authorized dealers. 

Customers can use the Kohler website or phone number to schedule an appointment for a Kohler sales representative to visit the home and discuss the project in detail.

  • Once you settle on a walk-in tub size, style and set of features, the representative will provide a price quote that includes the product as well as the removal of your old tub and the installation of the new one.

  • The quote is valid for one year, so there’s no rush to make any decisions right away. Once you are ready to commit, you may then schedule a day for the tub to be installed.

The removal of your old tub and installation of your new Kohler tub typically takes place all in one day.

Will a Kohler Walk-In Tub Fit in My Bathroom?

According to Kohler, the company’s walk-in tubs can be customized from 52 to 60 inches in length and from 28 to 32 inches in width.

As long as your current tub dimensions are within that range, a Kohler walk-in tub should be able to accommodate your space. 

Can I Buy a Kohler Walk-In Tub and Install It Myself?

Only authorized Kohler dealers can install the company’s walk-in tubs.

Installation of a walk-in tub requires electrical and plumbing work that typically requires professional training and certification and there are even some local ordinances that may apply. 

Plus, Kohler uses an all-in-one pricing model that includes the installation. 

Does Kohler Offer a Tub Warranty?

Kohler walk-in tubs are backed by the company’s limited lifetime warranty that extends to the door seal, hydrotherapy system, faucet and hand shower. 

Are Kohler Walk-In Bathtubs a Good Purchase?

Kohler is a trusted brand with a long history. The company makes walk-in tubs that are high in quality and safety, customized to your space and backed with a lifetime warranty. If those features are important to you, then Kohler is a terrific choice for a walk-in tub. 

About the only reason not to choose Kohler for a walk-in tub is if you need a wheelchair accessible tub, which the company does not supply.

About Kohler

It’s fitting that Kohler is among the leading manufacturers of walk-in tubs. After all, it was Kohler’s founder, John Michael Kohler, who invented the first bath tub more than 140 years ago.1

Today, the company manufactures tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, garbage disposals, light fixtures and more for kitchens and bathrooms. The company has been in business since 1873 and is headquartered in Kohler, WI. 

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