Understanding the VA Loan Statement of Service

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  • A VA loan statement of service confirms your military income and status for mortgage lenders. Find out why you need this statement and where to get it.

The VA loan statement of service is the main document you need to prove eligibility for a Veterans Affairs mortgage. When you're buying a home with this type of loan, you show lenders your statement of service during the application process. 

What Does the VA Loan Statement of Service Include?

Your VA loan statement of services comes in the form of a letter that lists:

  • Your name, birth date and Social Security number
  • Your dates of military service, including terms of active duty
  • The branch in which you served
  • The type of discharge you received if you no longer serve
  • Your rank pay rate as a military member
  • Whether you lost any time
  • Whether you can return to military service

The statement should be on official government letterhead and signed by the person who wrote or created the document.

Why Do You Need a VA Loan Statement of Service?

The statement of service proves you served the necessary time in the military to be eligible for a VA mortgage. It also confirms your income as a service member or veteran so the lender can ensure you can repay the home loan as agreed. Generally, you must show 24 months of income if you no longer serve, compared to 12 months if you're still a current active-duty service member. 

Where Do You Get a VA Loan Statement of Service?

Reach out to your commanding officer to ask for a statement of service. Do so as soon as possible so you have enough time to receive the document before you start shopping for a VA loan. 

Is the Statement of Service the Same as a Certificate of Eligibility?

While these official documents are similar, you will need both to successfully obtain a VA mortgage. The Certificate of Eligibility alerts lenders that you have met your service requirements while the statement of service verifies your income either as a current or discharged military member. Other important documents to gather for your application include at least 2 months of statements for all your bank and retirement accounts, a copy of your driver's license or state ID card and W-2 tax forms for the past 2 years (4 years for self-employed individuals).

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