Will Social Security Benefits Count As Income for a Dependent?

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  • Do Social Security benefits count as income for a dependent? Find out the answer to this question and related topics in this article from Health Advisor.
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Do Social Security Benefits Count as Income for a Dependent?

The short answer is yes, Social Security income is counted as income for dependents, but the full answer is a bit more complicated, especially when it comes to taxes. Find out more information about dependent adult Social Security benefits below.

The IRS and Dependents

The IRS has a set of specific criteria that defines what a qualified dependent is and how dependents apply to your income tax return. Social Security benefits subject to taxation are also defined by the IRS.

Your tax filing responsibilities and how your dependent fits in varies based on the type of income the dependent receives.

Dependent Adult Children

You can claim an adult child as a dependent if the child is permanently disabled, lives with you for at least six months out of the year and provides less than one-half of their own financial support.

When over one-half of the dependent's needs are provided by Social Security Income (SSI), you can't claim them as a dependent. The dependent may also need to file their own income tax return if they receive other income sources besides SSI.

Social Security Benefits and Taxes

In general, if you claim dependents on your tax return and those dependents receive Social Security benefits, you are not taxed for those benefits. Because your dependent is the one receiving them, those benefits are only taxable to your dependent.

Consult a Social Security Representative

If you have more questions about whether Social Security benefits count as income for a dependent, consult the services of a Social Security representative by phone at (800) 772-1213. These professionals are trained in the nuances of Social Security income and benefits and can answer specific questions you might have. The Social Security website is also a good resource.