Does Medicare Cover Vigamox?

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  • Vigamox is a prescription ophthalmic solution used to treat bacterial infections of the eye. Learn whether Medicare covers this drug and the possible costs.

Vigamox is a drug prescribed to treat bacterial eye infections, such as pink eye. According to, Vigamox is covered by 98% of Medicare plans. You'll need to meet your deductible before your plan starts covering your medication, after which you'll only be responsible for your co-pay. 

Co-pays for Vigamox can vary, depending on your Medicare plan, but they tend to range from $1 to $19. Beneficiaries who receive Extra Help with prescription drug costs may pay less for their Vigamox prescription. 

Basic Drug Information for Vigamox 

Vigamox is an ophthalmic solution that treats bacterial eye infections. It works by killing the bacteria that caused the infection, and the medication is administered directly into the eye, similar to eye drops. The course of treatment is typically 7 days, and most people start to experience relief from symptoms during treatment. 

Side effects of Vigamox include blurred vision, vision changes and pooling of whitish fluid. It's important to seek medical attention if these symptoms become severe. As with all antibiotics, you should complete the prescribed course of treatment, even if your symptoms go away. 

Does Vigamox Have a Generic? 

Vigamox is a brand-name drug. The generic alternative to Vigamox is moxifloxacin. If your doctor feels you need the branded medication instead of the generic, you may need to check with your Medicare plan to see if prior authorization is needed. Some plans have a higher co-pay when brand-name Vigamox is dispensed instead of its generic alternative. 

Are Antibiotics Covered by Medicare? 

Medicare Part D covers antibiotics dispensed by a pharmacy. If antibiotics are administered in a hospital or skilled nursing facility setting, coverage is provided by Medicare Part A (hospital insurance). Co-pays for antibiotics dispensed by a pharmacy vary, depending on the coverage stage and eligibility for assistance, such as Extra Help or Medicaid. 

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