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  • This list of various UnitedHealthcare phone numbers can help you quickly get the assistance with UnitedHealthcare plans and departments or information you’re seeking.

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UnitedHealthcare serves millions of Americans with a wide range of health insurance products. It comes as little surprise that the company offers different phone numbers for consumers to get in touch with specific departments and product representatives to ask questions or submit requests. 

Here are some of the more widely used UnitedHealthcare phone numbers so you know exactly where to go for help. 

If you want to compare UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans, you can view plans online or call to speak with a licensed insurance agent who can help answer your questions and help you compare plans.

Have Medicare questions?

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Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Plan Members

Call the phone number on your plan ID card for questions and information related to your UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) or Medicare Part D plan

Your plan ID card may display a customer service phone number along with a phone number for a nurse hotline if such a benefit is included with your plan.  

Members of these plans will also typically have an online portal where you can log in to perform certain tasks and find information related to your plan The website for this online portal should be displayed on your ID card as well. 

If you’re having technical difficulties with the phone number listed on your ID card, you may call 1-800-721-0627.

If you want to compare UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, you can search online for plans available in your ZIP code or call to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Members

Those enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare insurance plan through an employer may call 1-866-414-1959 for general information or 1-877-844-4999 for technical issues. 

Marketplace Plan Members

UnitedHealthcare sells health insurance plans on the Marketplace in select states. Use the following UnitedHealthcare phone numbers for assistance based on your state:

  • Arizona: 1-877-482-9045
  • Maryland: 1-800-691-0021
  • Massachusetts: 1-877-856-2429
  • New York: 1-877-856-2429
  • North Carolina: 1-800-980-5357
  • Oklahoma: 1-800-980-5319
  • Tennessee: 1-877-250-8188
  • Virginia: 1-877-265-9199
  • Washington: 1-888-832-0969

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plan Members

The UnitedHealthcare phone number for Medigap plan members may call 1-800-523-5800 to get help with their plan. 

If you're shopping for Medicare Supplement plans, you can search online for plans available in your ZIP code or call 1-800-523-5800 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

Dental and Vision Insurance Plan Members

UnitedHealthcare sells standalone dental and vision plans. Beneficiaries of these plans may call 1-866-877-6187 for help with dental and vision benefits and claims. 

For plans underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, call 1-800-657-8205.

Medicaid Members

Medicaid beneficiaries who are enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan may call the phone number on the back of their plan ID card for assistance.

If you have more Medicare questions you can call AARP at 1-877-634-8213 from 8am to 8pm on weekdays.

Short Term Insurance Policyholders 

For help with UnitedHealthcare short term insurance, call 1-800-657-8205 or log into your online account

Those Who Are Not Yet Enrolled in a Plan

If you are not yet enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare plan, contact a licensed insurance agent. An agent can help you review the costs and coverage of all the UnitedHealthcare plans available in your area along with those offered by other carriers so you can compare plans and make a well-informed decision about your coverage. 

Additional Help From UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare is also available through Facebook and Twitter, and customers may be able to ask questions there and engage with representatives. 

If you want to compare Medicare plans from UnitedHealthcare, you can find and compare plans available where you live or call to speak with a licensed insurance agent to learn more.

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