Ohio Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment

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  • Find out how Ohio Medicaid provides health care services for older adults. Learn about what's covered, eligibility criteria and how to apply for coverage.

Ohio Medicaid programs help residents of the state access quality health care services, particularly when they're unable to afford the cost of care on their own. In Ohio, just as in other states across the country, Medicaid programs are administered by the state and must operate within the parameters set forth by the federal government. The state must provide coverage for necessary healthcare services, such as inpatient and ambulatory hospital care.

Eligibility requirements vary from state to state, but in all states, those living below the federal poverty line must be provided with coverage. In some states, including Ohio, coverage is expanded by waivers to help older adults access additional care services, such as assisted living and home care.

Below, we discuss what services Ohio's standard Medicaid plan covers as well as the various waivers that are available for seniors in the state, who's eligible and how to apply. 

What Is Ohio Medicaid?

Ohio Medicaid covers a broad range of health care services for seniors, families and low-income individuals throughout the state. There are several components to the state's program, which include managed care plans and Medicaid waivers. Each program is intended to enhance the quality of life for those who participate and ensure that Ohioans have access to quality, reliable medical and preventative health care services.

What Does Ohio Medicaid Cover? 

Medicaid in Ohio covers a broad range of services for its beneficiaries. That includes: 

  • Addiction services
  • Dental care
  • Emergency medical treatments
  • Family planning
  • Inpatient hospital care
  • Necessary medical equipment
  • Prenatal care
  • Prescription medications
  • Preventative healthcare
  • Specialist care
  • Medical transportation
  • Vision care

It's important to note that not all beneficiaries are provided with full coverage for all services. Some services are provided through managed care plans that individuals must qualify for separately. 

Ohio Medicaid Programs for Older Adults

Ohio Medicaid operates a variety of programs to help older adults access additional services, enabling them to live independently for as long as possible. These programs provide long-term care services and supports for Medicaid beneficiaries who are aged or disabled. Programs include:

  • Medicaid For Older Adults and People With Disabilities: Extended Medicaid coverage for adults aged 65 and older
  • Home and Community-Based Services: Long-term care services for seniors living at home or in a community setting
  • Services in a Facility: Coverage for older adults living in assisted living or other long-term care facilities
  • Veterans on Medicaid: Assistance for Veterans who wish to combine Veterans Affairs benefits and Medicaid coverage
  • Additional Services: Help with services that don't fall under the above programs, such as hospice care and case management
  • Medicare Premium Assistance: Financial assistance for those who are unable to afford Medicare premiums, deductibles or copays

Who Is Eligible for Medicaid in Ohio?

To receive access to Medicaid for Older Adults in Ohio, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Aged 65 years or older or legally blind
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal alien
  • Have a Social Security number
  • Be a full-time resident of Ohio
  • Have an income at or below $794 per month ($1,191 for couples)

How Do I Enroll in Medicaid in Ohio?

To apply for Medicaid in Ohio, older adults can complete an application online or submit an application in-person at their county Job and Family Services office. Alternatively, those who wish to apply can do so by phone by calling the Consumer Hotline at (800) 324-8680.

Contact Information for Ohio Medicaid

Older adults can contact Ohio Medicaid online or call (800) 324-8680 for information about eligibility, programs or applications.