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  • Get to know the annuity offerings from Jackson National Life Insurance Company. Explore different annuities, and find out how they can add to your retirement income.

When you're planning for retirement and your financial legacy, annuities are one potential investment option. Jackson National Life Insurance Company offers an annuity for every type of investor. Whether you prefer predictable growth or maximum potential gains, the company has an account to meet your needs.

About Jackson National

The Jackson National Life Insurance Company is part of the Jackson family of brands. It was founded in 1961 in Jackson, Michigan; today, the company operates out of Lansing, Michigan. From 1986 to 2021, the brand was part of the British Prudential PLC company.

Jackson is one of the top annuity companies in the United States. Its goal is to help customers retire with confidence and financial stability, particularly as employers stop offering full-fledged retirement programs.

What Life Insurance Products Does Jackson National Offer?

Although Jackson has a division called Jackson National Life Insurance Company, the company no longer offers life insurance products. Instead, it provides a variety of annuities: variable, registered index-linked, fixed index and fixed. Not all products are available in every state. The parent company also offers asset management and investment services.

Variable Annuities

If you're looking for growth potential, Jackson's variable annuities deliver. These products let you spread your premiums over a fixed account or a variety of variable accounts, offering more opportunities to build value. Keep in mind that the interest rates on the variable accounts are linked to the market, so you may lose value; they're best suited for people with a certain level of risk tolerance.

All Jackson's variable annuities come with benefits, including automatic rebalancing, tax-free transfers for 25 days per year and the ability to transfer the account to your spouse after your death. Some accounts are also compatible with add-ons that provide a guaranteed income throughout your life.

  • Perspective II
  • Perspective Advisory II
  • Elite Access II
  • Elite Access Advisory II

Registered Index-Linked Annuities

Registered index-linked annuities (RILA) offer some of the flexibility of a variable annuity with added risk mitigation. When you open a RILA, you can choose from a variety of investment options to capitalize on growth opportunities. To reduce losses when the market drops, you must also set a floor or buffer protection. Keep in mind that your gains will be limited by the same amount — in other words, if you set a 10% floor for losses, your profits will be capped at 10% of index gains.

  • Jackson Market Link Pro
  • Jackson Market Link Pro Advisory

Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed index annuities from Jackson offer both growth potential and principal protection. Your account is linked to an index; if that index performs well, you may earn interest. At the same time, your principal is protected, so you won't lose money when the market is volatile. These accounts are tax-deferred and guaranteed to provide you with an income for life. With add-ons, you may be able to create a death benefit for your family.

  • MarketProtector
  • MarketProtector Advisory

Fixed Annuities

If you have a low risk tolerance, fixed annuities may be the right investment strategy. These accounts have a fixed interest rate, so they experience predictable growth over your lifetime. Some types have death benefits, letting you provide for your family without add-ons. Certain fixed annuities start providing an income stream within a year.

  • Jackson RateProtector
  • Immediate Annuity

Add-On Benefits

Jackson offers a number of add-on benefits, which you can use to personalize your annuities. Every annuity product is compatible with specific add-ons; each one has an extra cost. Some options are:

  • Withdrawal options: Adjust the amount of your balance that you can take out when it's time to start withdrawing an income.
  • Income protection: Choose these add-ons to help guarantee a specific level of income, even if the market dips.
  • Living benefits: These add-ons help customize income growth during your life. 
  • Death benefits: Leave a financial benefit to loved ones or organizations after you pass.
  • Legacy benefits: These add-ons help you decide how and when your beneficiaries will receive the funds from your account.

The Pros and Cons of Jackson National

Pros of Jackson National


  • Different annuities to suit different financial priorities, goals, and risk tolerances
  • Selection of add-ons make it easy to customize coverage
  • Some accounts have guaranteed income for life

Cons of Jackson National


  • No traditional life insurance products
  • You cannot buy annuities online

Jackson National Reviews: What People Are Saying

Jackson National tends to receive positive reviews, especially when it comes to annuity selection. Customers often remark on the company's strong financial strength ratings, the range of investment options and the number of add-on benefits. Reviews occasionally note that Jackson receives a low level of customer complaints, which typically indicates solid, responsive service. When people aren't completely satisfied with the company, it's usually because there are no online application options — you must go through an agent, who may be incentivized to give you a hard sell on extra products.

Is a Jackson National Policy Right for You?

If you're looking for annuities to supplement your retirement income, Jackson offers plenty of options to choose from. With both low-risk and high-risk options, it's relatively easy to find a plan that helps you build wealth and minimize losses. Make sure to read up on the initial premium requirements, and be ready to stand firm in your needs in the face of agent sales pitches.

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