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  • As part of USHEALTH Group, National Foundation Life Insurance Company specializes in workplace insurance products. Explore its offerings and advantages.

National Foundation Life Insurance Company belongs to the USHEALTH Group family of companies, which specialize in workplace and self-employed coverage options, including life insurance. Keep reading to learn more about National Foundation Life Insurance Company and its parent organization, including their mission and the innovative products they sell.

About National Foundation Life Insurance Company

National Foundation Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, which is a UnitedHealthcare company. Collectively, USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries cover 15 million lives and have more than 50 years of industry experience. Altogether, these companies have more than 3,600 agents, with plans available in 31 states.

Through its parent company, National Foundation Life Insurance Company offers individually tailored life insurance plans to self-employed workers and small businesses. It aims to distinguish itself from its competitors by encouraging long-term customer relationships and fostering customer loyalty through consistency and dependability. 

What Life Insurance Products Does National Foundation Life Insurance Company Offer?

Because National Foundation Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, its customers have access to an array of policy options through its parent company. In addition to life insurance, group offerings may include:

  • Dental coverage: Purchasers may choose from three unique plans, all of which cover some of the cost of preventative services and major dental care. Premium plans also provide orthodontic coverage, which comes with an additional deductible.

  • Vision plans: USHEALTH Group’s vision coverage offers in- and out-of-network benefits. The plan covers a comprehensive eye exam every year and pays for either corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.

  • Accident and disease/sickness coverage: These supplemental medical plans offer in- and out-of-network coverage for approved healthcare services. Policyholders may choose a zero-deductible plan or opt for a flexible policy that lets them customize an ideal deductible/coinsurance combination. Some plans may also offer additional coverage options, including short-term medical/surgical expense insurance, medical inflation riders or coverage for prescription drugs and lab work, without requiring additional underwriting steps.

  • Fixed indemnity plans: These supplemental health plans offer in- and out-of-network coverage with no deductible. No medical underwriting is required prior to approval, and coverage is portable, so it can accompany the policyholder even if they leave their employer.

  • Critical illness insurance: Critical illness coverage pays a portion of medical and household expenses if a policyholder becomes critically ill. If these benefits aren't used, they become a death benefit to a designated beneficiary upon the passing of the insured. Covered illnesses include heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and life-threatening cancers.

  • Excess medical expense insurance: Designed to provide supplemental coverage that pays out if the insured is accidentally injured, this plan covers co-pays, deductibles and other injury-related out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Short-term access disability coverage: This income protection insurance pays out monthly benefits for up to a year if the insured individual is accidentally disabled. Purchasers may customize plans by choosing the monthly benefit amount, elimination period and maximum benefit period.

Life Insurance Coverage Through LifeProtector

National Foundation Life Insurance Company offers life insurance coverage to self-employed workers and small businesses through its LifeProtector plan. This 10-year term life plan offers protection for individuals who want to secure their family’s financial future, and policies are ideal for families who have financial obligations such as mortgage payments, childcare costs or educational expenses. The death benefit, which pays out if the insured passes away during the plan's contractual term, is typically tax free to the beneficiary.

LifeProtector is designed to be economical, with monthly premium payments starting at $10 and increasing in $5 increments to a maximum payment of $50. This term coverage is renewable until the insured reaches the age of 70. However, no living benefits are offered in conjunction with LifeProtector, and plans are not available in all states.

The Pros and Cons of National Foundation Life Insurance Company

Because National Foundation Life Insurance Company operates under the umbrella of USHEALTH Group, policyholders can reap several major benefits, including the option to purchase any of the insurance coverage offered by this parent organization. That includes an array of innovative plans providing dental, vision and supplemental healthcare coverage to self-employed workers and small businesses.

However, despite its parent company's many available plans, National Foundation Life Insurance only offers customers access to a single type of life insurance coverage. Although the LifeProtector 10-year term plan is renewable until age 70 and offers flexible premium payments, riders aren’t available and the plan has no living benefits. In addition, these policies aren’t available in every state, and the company has no whole life insurance or final expense coverage offerings.

National Foundation Life Insurance Company Reviews: What People Are Saying

Positive reviews of National Foundation Life Insurance and its parent company, USHEALTH Group, often remark on its affordable policies, and policyholders have praised its supportive customer service department. However, other reviewers express frustration with unexpected coverage exclusions and reimbursements that are lower than anticipated.

Is a National Foundation Life Insurance Company Life Insurance Policy Right for You?

Because National Foundation Life Insurance Company offers only a single type of policy, it may suit purchasers who want a basic plan or who prefer not to navigate complicated life insurance coverage choices. The company’s LifeProtect plan, which offers 10-year protection on a renewable basis, may also be ideal for self-employed workers or small businesses looking for simple, affordable coverage to offer employees.

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