Florida Section 8 Affordable Housing Voucher Programs

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  • Florida Section 8 programs help low-income families find affordable rentals. Learn about the qualifications and application process for public housing.

Florida Section 8 is a housing voucher program that provides assistance with affordable rentals. You might qualify for a voucher depending on your income, health, family size and other factors.

Who Is Eligible for Florida Section 8 Housing?

The state follows regulations from the federal Housing and Urban Development agency. Under these laws and programs overseen by HUD, you may qualify for Section 8 if you earn less than 80% of the median annual income for your county. However, most people who receive vouchers in Florida earn less than half their area's median annual income. In many cities, including Orlando, you must pay about 30% of the total monthly rent for the property while the Section 8 program pays 70%.

How Do You Apply for Section 8 in Florida?

You must go through your local Public Housing Agency to find out whether you qualify for Florida Section 8. You can apply with the help of a representative in person or with a written application. Some areas, such as Miami-Dade County, offer an online application.

After you apply, you will be placed on the waiting list if you qualify for housing assistance. When a voucher becomes available, the agency will verify that you still qualify. You can select a rental home, which must be moderately priced for the area and meet PHA health and safety guidelines.  

How Long Is the Wait for Section 8 in Florida?

Many cities and counties in Florida have an extended wait for Section 8 assistance. Many cities currently have closed Section 8 waiting lists. In that case, you must apply for assistance when the waiting list where you live opens. However, some PHAs also have other housing assistance programs in addition to Section 8, and there are also housing assistance options for older adults that you might consider.

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