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  • Lively, a relatively new company, wants to make the process of choosing a high-quality hearing aid simple and painless. Find out if it's the right choice for you.

For those that need hearing aids, choosing from the available options is never a simple endeavor. High prices, difficulty obtaining quotes and the search for a good professional to help you find the right device are among the challenges individuals face when looking for a good hearing aid.

Lively launched in 2019 to help address some of these challenges. It's an online hearing aid business that makes finding the right hearing aid simple while supporting users with hearing professionals along the way.

Nicole Cadoret, Lively’s co-founder and head of design, experienced first-hand the difficulties in shopping for a great hearing aid. On top of the money she spent consulting four audiologists, she found that the hearing aids themselves were cost-prohibitive, which led to the concept of Lively.

Even though Lively is a relatively new business, it stands apart from other hearing aid companies. Its devices, made for adults with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, feature sophisticated designs, cutting-edge technology and attractive prices. 

Lively Hearing Aid Models and Options

Lively hearing aids follow standard sizing and come in multiple color options. You can choose a model that most closely matches either your skin or hair tone.

While you do need a hearing test to purchase Lively hearing aids, you can take one directly on the
company's website. There is also the option to upload your audiogram. Because of this, it’s worth pointing out that Lively devices aren’t designed for those who have suffered sudden hearing loss. If this is the case, you’ll need professional medical attention for a diagnosis. 

After taking the test and confirming that you’re able to use Lively's hearing aids, you’ll purchase the device directly through the website, and it’s shipped to you within a few days. The company offers support for proper setup and placement with the help of a licensed professional and guidance on how to connect the hearing aids to the app so you can control and request adjustments from your cell phone.

Lively’s hearing aids come in three models, each with different price points and features.

Lively 2 Pro

The company's most expensive model, the Lively 2 Pro features state-of-the-art microphones and noise-reduction technology to ensure the highest possible speech clarity. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to use your hearing aid for hands-free calling. It’s available in eight colors and comes with a charging case with 30 hours of charge time. 

Other features of the Lively 2 Pro include technology to improve the sound of ambient music and binaural directionality, which mimics how your brain interprets sound.

Lively 2 Plus

The Lively 2 Plus comes in five color options and features the same Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free calling as the Pro model. The Lively 2 Plus comes with a rechargeable case and batteries. It has the same noise reduction technology as the Lively 2 Pro for improved audio quality.

Lively 2 Lite

The Lively 2 Lite is the most affordable Lively hearing aid. While it doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries or a case, the batteries have an estimated 1-year life span. It has the same Bluetooth technology as the other models, enabling hands-free calls and music. It also has noise reduction technology and comes in five color options.

Features and Customizations

All Lively hearing aids are manufactured by ReSound, one of the world's most respected hearing aid factories. They have Bluetooth transmission capability, which allows you to connect them to your cell phone or other devices. You can listen to music and podcasts, watch television and even make phone calls with audio sent direct to the device.

All users have access to a free mobile app to make remote adjustments with the help of a team of licensed audiologists. However, you’ll need to check the compatibility list on 
Lively’s website to ensure the app works with your device. 

All Lively hearing aids include free support and a 3-year warranty that covers loss and damage. The company also provides a 100-day satisfaction guarantee — if you aren’t satisfied with your Lively hearing aid in that time, you can return it for a full refund. 

What People Think of Lively Hearing Aids

Despite being new to the market, Lively has already commanded high ratings from many users. Among the positive points highlighted by customers are the affordable prices and top-notch support provided by the company, both before and after the purchase. 

Many customers draw attention to the fantastic sound quality and noise reduction that Lively hearing aids provide. Additionally, many people report that Lively’s mobile app is user-friendly and reliable for making adjustments on the fly. That said, there are some issues with the mobile app on some phones, so be sure to check the compatibility list mentioned above to ensure operability. 

Is Lively a Reputable Company?

Lively is new in the hearing aid space, but the company and its products come highly recommended by many customers. 

Who Are Lively Hearing Aids Right For?

Lively hearing aids are great for those with mild to moderate hearing loss that need a great hearing aid and would benefit from the ease and simplicity of online support specialists. As mentioned, if you’ve experienced sudden hearing loss, you’ll want to consult an audiologist or other hearing professional, since Lively hearing aids are designed for individuals with permanent hearing loss.

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