Federal Benefits - Nevada Unemployment Benefits and Eligibility

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  • Find an explanation of how Nevada unemployment benefits and eligibility are administered, including how to tell if you qualify, how much you'll receive and how to file a claim.

The Employment Security Division (ESD), part of the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, handles Nevada's unemployment benefits and eligibility. It administers employer taxes and uses them to provide temporary financial aid for workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. It also provides services to help citizens access employment opportunities. 

You can receive financial assistance if you meet Nevada's unemployment benefits eligibility criteria. Below, you can find out who qualifies for benefits and how to apply. 

How Do I Claim Nevada Unemployment Benefits?

You can file your first unemployment benefits claim over the internet by setting up an account with the Claimant Self Service (CSS) portal. The ESD recommends applying online whenever possible because claimants typically experience a long wait for its telephone service. However, you can also claim over the phone at the following numbers:

  • Northern Nevada:(775) 684-0350 
  • Southern Nevada: (702) 486-0350
  • Rural and Out of State Claimants: (888) 890-8211

You will be required to provide your contact information, Social Security or Alien Registration number and information about your last two employed positions. This includes the name and address of your employers, your start and end dates and why you stopped working for them. 

You will then receive a determination notice telling you if you are eligible for benefits and the payment amount and schedule. You should file a weekly claim using your CSS online account or over the phone. It's important to file your weekly claims on time to maintain your eligibility, even if your application is pending or subject to appeal. Otherwise, you could lose your weekly benefits. 

If you successfully gain employment, you can end your claim by stopping filing your weekly claims. There is no need to contact the ESD because they will automatically assume you no longer need benefits. 

What Are the Nevada Unemployment Benefits Eligibility Criteria?

Whether your claim is successful depends on whether you meet Nevada's minimum earnings threshold and your reasons for unemployment. You will also need to fulfill various weekly responsibilities to continue to receive benefits. 

Monetary Eligibility Criteria

Your monetary eligibility for Nevada unemployment benefits is based on your earnings during your base period, which incorporates the first four of the last five calendar quarters before you filed your first claim.

Alternatively, the ESD may calculate your entitlement using the last four quarters before you filed if you don't qualify under the standard period. You can't request use of the alternate base period if you qualify under the usual system, even if this would let you claim a higher amount. 

Successful claimants must have earned 1.5 times their earnings in their highest-paid quarter over the entire base period or have been paid in at least 3 quarters. You cannot claim unemployment benefits if you earned less than $400 in your highest-paid quarter. 

Non-Monetary Eligibility Criteria

You can only receive Nevada unemployment benefits if your reason for being out of work or on reduced hours is not your fault. For example, people who were laid off or had their hours cut due to lack of available work can usually claim successfully. 

However, you can't claim benefits if you committed workplace misconduct that caused you to be fired. Benefits are only granted to claimants who quit their jobs in certain circumstances. Your claim may be successful if you had just cause to quit, such as experiencing workplace harassment, but you're unlikely to be approved if you left your job for personal reasons. 

Weekly Eligibility Criteria

Receiving Nevada unemployment benefits is conditional on filing your weekly claims on time, and filing late may cause you to lose some of your benefits. You must also do everything possible to get a job. 

Nevada expects claimants to apply for and accept any suitable job. This means that you should apply for work that you believe you have the best chance of being accepted for, and you could lose your benefits entitlement if you turn down a job that fits your skills and experience or don't make every effort to rejoin the workforce. You should keep detailed records of your job-seeking activities, and the ESD can ask to see your records at any time. 

The ESD occasionally waives the requirement to search for work, such as for employees who are part of a union hiring hall. You may also be able to retain your entitlement if you become physically unable to work during your claim period, and you should inform the ESD straight away if this happens. You should also inform the ESD of any payment you receive while you're claiming benefits because failure to do so could result in overpayment and affect your entitlement. 

You must make yourself available to work every week during your claim period, so it's important to ensure that you make any necessary childcare and transport arrangements in advance. You could lose your week's payments if you are unavailable to work on a particular week, including if you are sick. 

How Much Will I Receive on Nevada Unemployment Benefits and for How Long?

Your weekly benefit entitlement is calculated by taking a percentage of your earnings in the quarter in which you earned the most during your base period. There is no minimum weekly payment, but the maximum you can receive in unemployment benefits in Nevada per week is $469. The state of Nevada restricts the length of unemployment benefits to 26 weeks per calendar year. 

Claimants receive their weekly benefits on a debit card from the Bank of America called the Way2Go card. You will receive your debit card in the mail within 7-10 days of submitting your first claim. 

What Happens If I'm Denied Nevada Unemployment Benefits?

You can appeal if you are denied Nevada unemployment benefits and you think that the decision is incorrect. You will need to have a reasonable basis for your appeal and demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria. 

You should mail your appeal to the address printed on your decision statement within 11 days of the mailing date. Your appeal letter should include your full name and address, Social Security number and your reason for appealing.