Freedom Life Insurance Reviews and Product Offerings

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  • Find out more about this life insurance options. Freedom Life Insurance reviews emphasize clear focus on simple and affordable term life insurance policies.

Freedom Life Insurance is part of the large USHealth Group conglomerate. The company specializes in one type of insurance: term life insurance. While this may seem to be a drawback, the truth is that by specializing in one form of life insurance, it excels in this area. 

What Products and Services Does Freedom Life Insurance Provide?

Freedom Life Insurance offers one type of insurance only: term policies. However, the USHealth Group subsidiary under which it operates offers other insurance options, including health, dental and vision. 

Term Life Insurance

The term life plan through Freedom Life Insurance spans 10 years. Part of the benefit of this plan is that it offers coverage for major life expenses, such as mortgage, car payments or childcare, should someone pass away and leave loved ones with these costs. Premium payments range from $10 to $50. 

The Pros and Cons of Freedom Life Insurance



  • Customer service: Freedom Life Insurance only handles term life insurance, so this means that it excels in customer service for that product.
  • Simple cancellation: Many insurance companies require customers to go through complex processes to cancel their plans. Because this is the only type of life insurance that Freedom handles, cancelling is fairly seamless. 
  • Simple price structures: Again, because of the fact that term life is the only option for Freedom customers, the pricing structure is fairly simple. Customers don't have to navigate a complex web of pricing constructs to determine what they might pay for term life. 



  • Variety:The company only offers one type of life insurance, which is a drawback for those that enjoy working with the company and would like to take advantage of what the company offers in other areas. 

  • Availability:Freedom Life Insurance is not available in some states, including Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Hawaii. It is also unavailable to residents of Puerto Rico. 

What People Are Saying About Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance reviews largely center on affordability and how it is a sound option for those on a budget. Moreover, the level of customer service is also a common point for consumers, as is the ability to purchase other products under Freedom's parent company. 

Those reviews that express dissatisfaction with the company note the limited product portfolio as well as the limited time available on the term policy. 

Who Would Freedom Life Insurance Be Good For?

Young families would benefit from Freedom Life Insurance because the premiums are affordable and the term period is short. This actually gives those that need time to explore more long-term options coverage while they do so. 

In fact, anyone on a budget that needs some form of life insurance would benefit from a Freedom policy.